April Fishing in Georgetown, South Carolina

Took college buddy and repeat client Bo Mullins out for some redfishing on Saturday. Typically, this time of year is extremely frustrating on the water…especially with 15+mph winds. However, the redfish were surprisingly hungry, unpicky, unspooky, and downright cordial. After breaking the ice on a few medium size fish, Bo and I crept up on a school of bruisers that I expected to freak-out upon our approach…but I was wrong. Nice wad of 20+ fish coming straight at the boat…Bo casts and is immediately hooked up to a 30-incher. We ended up landing 5 really big fish out of that school before we left them alone. Happy to see that kind of action in early April.

Click on the photos to view them full size…thanks and happy Spring

Bo fatty 03 BO release 01 white pelicans Bo 04 Bo headshot white pelicans 3

Bo 02

iphone closeup of one of Bo’s fish…

Bo B&W red

white pelicans 2

Went back on sunday hoping from similar action from the fish, but things were totally different. Not sure if they were waiting on the flood tide to eat some fiddlers or if they were full from the day before….that’s the way it goes in April. Had the water all to ourselves though…everyone must have been chasing the turkeys. Hoping to get out there myself this month before things really start heating up in the marsh late April/early May.

Cheech B&W

Here’s some baitfish flies I’ve been tying…should work great for the redfish and seatrout that will be showing up soon.

baitfish flies

tom turkey spring 2013

Capt Jay Nelson


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