Christmas & New Years Weekend – Fly Fishing Charters in Georgetown & Pawleys Island, South Carolina

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! I’m very thankful for all of the folks that I get to share time on the water with. We’ve had some pretty good fishing this month despite cold temperatures and windy conditions. Fly fishing has been spotty the last couple of weeks, but we’ve had some good days. Regardless of conditions, there’s always some fish to hang on artificial baits and live minnows. Here’s some pics from the past week. Best wishes to everyone reading this blog in 2013.

leslie and beth ann

black drum profile 2

hunter and hampton redfish


There’s some fine oysters to be had in the Lowcountry this year. If you don’t have time to harvest your own, there’s plenty of good local seafood markets. Try Seven Seas or Harrelsons in Murrells Inlet or Livingstons Seafood in McClellanville. You could also go the first-class route and have Backyard Shuckers put on an oyster roast for your next party or event. 


chris skvarka sunset 2

jordan SCB fly

hampton redfish

bennett & briar


leslie redfish

douglas passing

rhett black drum 2

bald eagle 3

hunter release

meade redfish (1)

jay release dec2011

perry heading home 1

rhett B&W

hampton black drum

smyth redfish 2 martha redfish chris skvarka sunset chris skvarka spot chris skvarka platform 3 chris skvarka macro deer hair fly chris skvarka macro crab fly chris skvarka deer hair fly and nautilus reel purple canary

beth ann redfish

leslie redfish (1)

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