February 2011

We’ve seen some great fishing in February, constantly spotting large redfish schools. A nice warm front and high pressure system will put them in the mood for feeding. This past weekend we endured some extreme low tides due to the full moon phase – combine that with the crowd of folks who descended upon the water this weekend and it made things a little more difficult. However, we were very thankful for this unseasonably warm weather.

March is a transistion time in the coastal marshes. Water temps begin to gradually rise and the large schools of fish start to break up and begin to actively feed again. Look for the water clarity to diminish throughout the month. March can be one of the most difficult months to fish, but there will undoubtedly be some stand-out days this month. The best part about March is that it leads us into the warm season. Things will be back to normal soon and our seasonal visitors will start arriving back in the area marshes . Flounder and trout will become regular catches soon and the mighty tarpon has northern migration on its mind!!!! Stay tuned.

Here’s a couple pics from the weekend…

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