Flood Tide Redfishing – Georgetown, South Carolina

Fished at sunset last night with long-time client, Roger (AKA Bodygaurd). The fish were tailing pretty hard at first, eating every fiddler crab they could find. We caught one and then went through a period where we didn’t see a fish for what seemed like an hour – then we changed flats and it picked back up again. Rodger threw Gulp Shrimp (new penny color) and it seemed to do the trick pretty well. After a long debate, Roger talked me into letting him keep one 23″ fish for dinner. I don’t keep them often, but felt like he earned a good meal. We cleaned the fish and found a pile of fiddlers and blue crabs in its stomach. Hard to imagine one 23″ fish could get that much food down – and still want to eat Roger’s Gulp bait. I would¬†definitely advise you fly people to be throwing crab patterns in the grass.

We got back in the grass briefly on Wednesday evening. Douglas’ first cast with the Mirrolure 5″ Provoker picked up this nice tailing redfish. We used the gold/red glitter pattern. These are great looking baits.






2 Responses to Flood Tide Redfishing – Georgetown, South Carolina

  1. Dave Schlidt

    Jay, great pictures as always. I look forward to an evening trip some time soon. I just about have the summer ” honey do ” list wrapped up and I really need a fishing trip to reestablish my priorities.

    • Dave, you know you’re welcome any time amigo. Its about time to get you another one on fly. The flood tides present the best opportunity in the summer. Hope to see you soon.