Inshore Fishing Charters Georgetown, SC July 2013

Yep, the water is still crayola brown from all of the rain earlier in the month…and the bay water is totally fresh…not a hint of salt. Honestly I thought this would mean difficult fishing for the week, but we really had some pretty decent action. There’s a little more bait in the creeks that I’ve seen recently and the redfish are capitalizing on it – busting mullets and acting generally happy. We also had some great tailing action on the flood tides last week despite the wind. Here’s a few pics…click on them to view them in full size. Have a good Summer!

nick05 randy flounder nick 04 randy redfish nick and john nick flounder randy & andy nick01 andrew cast05

Here’s a few iphone photos from the weekend…you really don’t need a fancy camera to capture some great moments on the water.

sunrise John Adams Grass

Gus & Andrew Shadows

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