Inshore Fishing Georgetown, South Carolina – April 2012

Pretty solid bite this weekend. Fished with Chris for his 42nd birthday on Saturday and John for his 50th birthday on Sunday. Both of them landed big 30-inch birthday fish. Chris’ fish has a better story though…in the middle of the fight, the fish popped the line and we all breathed a deep sigh as we watched the fish and 50 feet of braided line go scooting across the marsh. About 15-20 mins later, Chris’ dad pulls in his line and realizes he’s tangled up in some old fishing line – yep you guessed it. I grabbed another fishing rod out of the rod holder and  attached the old line to it – we came tight and the drag starts screeming – fish on! Chris got a second chance on his birthday fish and we got him to the boat! One of my favorite fishing moments of all time.

Chris’ birthday fish…

Here’s the one we used to save Chris’ birthday fish. You can see the white line reeled on top of the green line.

Bill’s 20″ flounder he caught while we were casting ditch mouths for redfish. Pretty nice bycatch.

John’s 50th birthday fish!!!

Baby redfish caught in the castnet – probably only 6 months old. He was swimming with a large group of mullet. Funny his pals today will be his primary food source in 12 months. This little guy swam away fine – we’ll catch up with him in a few years.  

The color on this fish was pretty amazing…he was lit up like a pumpkin.

Robin’s topwater trout…little foggy out that morning


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