March – Coming in Like a Lion

When most folks hear the phrase “march madness” they think basketball. When I hear “march madness” – I think of fishing several straight days in 20+ mph winds. This is the toughest month of the year for sight fishing in our marsh. You know what they say though…”March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb”. Its a transitional month that makes way for the spring/summer season. As much as I hate March weather, it means spring is on the way. Soon you can hang up your winter gear, grab your turkey calls, and start tying up your flounder rigs. Weather aside, we still manage some excellent days in March and scratch out some fish on every trip. Jay and Jack managed a few nice ones on their trip this week and stuck out the windy conditions like old pros. Keep and eye on the forecast – if you can catch a day with light winds and warm weather, go fishing! 


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