Nearshore/Inshore – May 21st 2011

Had the weekend off  along with several of my buds, so we decided to head to some of the nearshore reefs to look for cobia. We got a late start and missed the early morning bite. We saw a good number of cobia, but couldn’t entice them with any of the baits that we tried (crabs, eels, menhaden, herring, flies, etc). After all the rejection, we talked Douglas into throwing a bait to an amberjack – he obliged and got stuck on the bow of the boat for 30mins – hahaha. They fight like a tank.

Since we couldn’t get the ocean fish to cooperate, we headed inshore to cast to some upriver redfish. They get some awesome color to them in the tanic water. The best thing about ealry summer is that there’s always something willing to eat. The bonnethead sharks are plentiful in Georgetown and they put up a serious fight on redfish tackle.

We jumped a huge group of woodstorks while we were catching bait. They are still on the endangered species list in SC, NC, & GA. We must have seen 300-400 in the same ricefield.

After a long day on the water, we all got together to tell fishing stories and share a good meal. Our friend Craig got into his dad’s crawfish pots and put on one of the best crawfish boils I have ever seen. The best thing about this time of year is that all of the critters are out and abundant – catching crawfish is easy with a homemade crawfish trap made of chickenwire. 

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