Tailing Tide Redfish – May 2014 – Georgetown, SC Fishing Report

Our first night back in the grass this season was pretty much perfect. The fish were tailing hard, gettingĀ their first taste of fiddler crabs for the season. Chad made one cast to the first tailer we saw…stripped the fly twice…and he was on!!!! While he was fighting the fish, we spotted another tailer close by at 20ft. I took a couple of photos and then placed a fly close enough to his dinner plate to be seen…strip…strip…he’s on! We had doubled on fly with the first two tails we had seen this season. What a great way to kick off this season in the spartina grass!

may tailer 5 chad double rods chad double on fly 2 horseshoe crabs2 moon tide tailer fly mouth 2 may tailer 1 flood sunset jay tailer on fly chad tailer on fly full moon grass shorebirds

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