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March 24th 2012 – Inshore Fishing Around Georgetown and Pawleys Island South Carolina

Fishing is steadily picking up as the water temps rise. Sight-fishing is spotty with the water beginning to transition to the milky hues of summer, but live bait fishing is as good as it gets right now. If you’re willing to fish with live bait, then you can tug on fish until your arms get sore. We did a number on the redfish and black drum saturday in between thunder storms – glad Bucky left his shack unlocked so we could duck the rain without having to head back to the ramp. Flounder and other warm-water species are beginning to invade the marsh and the water temps will be in the seventies soon. Fishing will get better and better over the next two weeks and the redfish will be tailing for fiddler crabs in the flooded spartina soon. Now’s the time to start planning your trip to the marsh.


Got the band return on this bird in less than 24 hours – pretty impressed with FWS. This cormorant flew over some pretty awesome destinations between Lake Ontario, Canada and Georgetown, SC – can’t blame him for deciding to stop and take in the sights of the Georgetown marsh.

 Capt Jay Nelson







Spring has sprung – the flounder are back!

Boy we ate well last night…we caught our first flounder of the 2012 season yesterday and they are here in good numbers for March. As it turnred out, only the smaller fish were interested in live bait. It took a variety of artificial baits to bring in the dinner-fish. We’re enjoying an early spring and the marsh/woods seem to be coming alive earlier than I have ever seen. The high winds of February and early March are behind us and the water temps are skyrocketing due to the resent warming trend. The redfish and flounder are biting – now’s the time to start making plans to get on the water and in the woods.