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Fly Fishing & Marsh Hen Hunting – Georgetown, SC – Cast & Blast

Had a fun weekend despite the nasty weather. Jay and James both got a limit of marsh hens on saturday morning before heading back to Columbia, SC. Poked out after the marsh hen hunt with the Yeltons and scored a couple of nice redfish on fly. Those guys are hardcore – most people would have cancelled the trip due to weather.

Please click on the images to view them in full size. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving.


Capt Jay Nelson

Jan 7th & 8th 2011 – clear water & schooled-up redfish – Georgetown, SC Fishing Charters

 The water has been gin-clear this week as is the norm for this time of year, but this fish are much more active than normal due to the warm weather . So in short, the fishing has been really good. Had regular fly-dude Chris on Saturday who brought his father-in-law along for some action. Chris said this was his best trip so far and he fishes with me a bunch. They caught a pile of fish with numerous doubles mixed in. Chris ended the day by plucking a fat redfish from a school of 30 tailing fish.

Underwater picture taken with the low-quality 5.0 MP camera on my Kodak Paysport. Thought it was a pretty cool photo considering it was taken with a hand-held video camera that costs only a hundred bucks.

On Sunday got to fish briefly with my buds Perry & Douglas. It was hard to get much fishing in with all of the trash-talk going on, but Perry managed to wrangle up a good one on fly that we watched peel away from a school and flare his gills on the fly. I was reminded this day just how good a bucket of fried chicken tastes out on the marsh. If you find a trail of chicken bones in the marsh, they may lead you to Douglas’ secret fishing hole – hahaha.