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Fly Fishing for Redfish in Georgetown, South Carolina – Inshore Fishing Charters

If you can get the weather, November is arguably the best month for low tide fly fishing…actually not arguably…it is the best month for low tide fly fishing. We lucked-up on several days of light winds and high sunshine last week and the fishing was really great. Was fortunate enough to have my friend Tucker Blythe up from Charleston for a day of throwing gurglers and surface fies. The water clarity was really good, so we were able to get some pretty neat photos. Also had my regular fly client, Dr Chris, out for some good fly fishing. He even bailed out of the skiff and stalked a couple of nice reds that were working way up in the skinny water. He caught them on a rattle shrimp pattern that he had been working on.

dawn ride tucker strip follow eat tucker fly fish 02 chris walked red on fly fly eat 01 tucker hooked up 01 tucker gurgler lighthouse douglas topwater red chris walked red on fly angling chris walked red on fly 04 chris walked red on fly 03 douglas B&W

Fall Inshore Fishing Report – Geogetown, SC – Redfish, Trout, & Flounder

You’ve got to love October…there’s more options for outdoor recreation than one redneck has time for. Do I go sit in a tree stand…catch a college football game…head to the dove field? Lots of tempting options to keep one from making it on the water. If you do find yourself on the water in October, you can bank on some of the prettiest sunrises/sunsets of the year, some great topwater action, giant redfish, and lots of great wildlife viewing. I’m thinking God placed college football, deer hunting, and all of these other temptations in October just to reward the devout fisherman in the fall.

heath 01 oct sunset 02 john redfish 04 jason spotted red tyler flounder oct sunset erik topwater trout redfish eye russ redfish 02 john flounders john angling redfish 02 john and scott topwater fishing tyler redfish pate skiff chris marr redfish mike marr redfish 02 oct skiff white pellys 02 john redfish 01 jason and russ platform sunset hutch redfish erik redfish sunrise skiff

Fall Inshore Fishing in Georgetown, SC – Sharks and Tailing Redfish

The fishing in Georgetown was DYNAMITE this weekend. The fall season has officially kicked off. We had a good round of flood tides where the fish were tailing happily. They were eager to take a well-placed crab fly. Dr Chris went 5 for 7 on fly Saturday with a version of my chinaback fiddler fly he tied. We also had some shark trips this weekend that were very productive – you couldn’t keep more than one rod in the water at a time before a blacktip had your bait. There’s also some tarpon in the area given that the mullet run is in full swing. This is a great time to fish for trout, redfish, flounder, sharks, and tarpon. Not to mention, the wildlife and bird viewing is at its peak right now. You never know what you are going to see out there on the water in the fall. Yesterday was the last day of the early marsh hen hunting season and we watched a bald eagle take advantage as he snacked on a freshly caught marsh hen!!!

Click on these images to view them in full size and resolution. Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you on the water.

tailer with spot bent rod chinaback throat 2 chris & jenna tailer eagle in flight McCabe and Family fall tailer chris tailer 2 chris angling tailer fighting tailer spot eagle in tree with marsh hen 2 tail 1 eagle on sign skvarka caught fish

 Here’s a few more pics I wanted to add…

reel and red chris on deck bubbly tailer

Capt Jay Nelson

Lowcountry Tarpon Tournament 2013 – Georgetown South Carolina Tarpon

We fished the Lowcountry Tarpon Tournament last weekend and had a great time. The bite however was a bit slow due to weather. Only 4 fish were caught in the tournament out of 18 boats. Douglas Miller, Cheech Castellvi, Johnny T., and I ended up releasing a fish in the first hour of the tournament and scored 2nd place overall. Congratulations to Capt. Robert Mayer from Georgetown for taking 1st place with 2 tarpon releases on day 1. JR Waits from Charleston also released a fish on day 1. This is a great tournament that benefits local tarpon research conducted by the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust. Please consider fishing the tournament with us next year. www.lowcountrytarpon.com

McCarley sunset hooked up cheech bowing 2 tarpon sept 13 douglas leader jetty sunrise 2 scout winyah bay pawleys docks lands end maverick

Also had a great redfish and flounder trip with the boss-man last week. Bruce Bailey, CEO of Georgetown Hospital System came out with his friend Rudy and caught the slam – redfish, trout, and flounder. Rudy caught some nice trout and a tagged redfish while Bruce took home the big flounder of the day. They also had some shots at tarpon that didn’t materialize. This is the time of the year to be out on the marsh…now through December is prime time for redfish and trout. Hope everyone has a great fall season.

bruce big red 02 sea trout rudy trout bruce sunrise bruce flounder rudy tagged redfish 02 red big mullet 02 pawleys sunset docks tagged redfish jordan trout 3


September Fishing Kicks Off – Trout & Redfish – Georgetown, SC Inshore Fishing

All it takes is for that first college football game to kick off each year…then the marsh decides to wake up. The trout and redfish bite is really great right now and the weather has been perfect for all-day fishing missions. Topwater plugging will be great for the next couple of months as well. If you get tired of redfish, then the sharks and tarpon are good targets in the inlets and bays. There’s also plenty of flounder hanging around. This is the time of year all anglers look forward to. For the next few months, the fishing will be as good as anywhere on the eastern seaboard. By the end of the month, we will be fishing in blue jeans and flannel shirts…enjoying perfect Lowcountry weather and scenery. There’s no college football game in the country that can hold a candle to the beauty of a Lowcountry spartina flat in the fall. Go get on it people!

bay red chap trout harbor sunset terry red 05 tern & shrimp skiff in grass gulls & terns 2 terry sunrise tagged fish susanne redfish shrimp boat and mill sunset tern drops great egret douglas topwater trout 2 holding water bay sunset



South Carolina Tarpon Fishing – Georgetown, SC

Got on a good tarpon bite this weekend with my buddy Capt Douglas Miller and Brit Rodgers. Was nice to get out with some friends and do some fishing on our own. Weather was perfect and there was even a little nip of fall in the air. The bait seems to be moving down the beach pretty consistently and things just feel right out there. This should mark the start of our fall fishing season…which has got our shallow water fishing community buzzing pretty good. Please consider fishing or attending the Lowcountry Tarpon Tournament out of Georgtown, SC this year. Visit www.lowcountrytarpon.com for more info. Here’ some pics from our weekend…

bridge sunrise castnet bunkers tarpon jump close tarpon kiss tarpon jump 2 jay & douglas tarpon tarpon tail tarpon flop morning run


Here’s a few B&W pics from a redfish/flounder trip with Lenny & Corey this weekend. The bite was somewhat slow due to the overcast conditions on saturday, but we had some good topwater blow-ups and and other bites on gulps.


corey flounder B&W lenny topwater wide B&W lenny topwater B&W


Inshore Fishing Report Georgetown, SC – August 2013

Had some great fishing this weekend with some great folks. The redfish, flounder, ladyfish, and trout were biting. We even jumped a tarpon on redfish tackle…he wore through the leader after a few jumps. We also had some flood tides this weekend…gotta love some tailing redfish. The fishing will continue to be great all the way through fall. Click on the photos to view them in full size.

grass flat tailer 01 seabass 02 lynch red 01 Jamie & Perry Flood fly red 01 grouper snooper b-liners chris and lynch flounders rain suit lynch & chris big red tailer 02 chris red 01 tail sunday 02 chris running


Shark Week 2013 Inshore Fishing Georgetown, SC & Snake Hunting with Black River Outdoors

Shark week is one of my favorite times of year…everybody wants to go catch sharks. Had 2 awesome trips where the sharks and redfish were very cooperative. We also saw some tarpon this week, but weren’t lucky enough to get a hook-up. Click on the photos to view them in full size.

chris skvarka sunset 2 shark bow john shark chris angling shark 01 little john red 02 john & gray sunset chris shark bow chris sunrise 01 john leader shark little john red 01 gurleys and bonnethead john shark bow gray red 01 john & little john double


Was also fortunate enough to get out on a paddle trip with Paul Laurent from Black River Outdoors this past week. We paddled some area up the Black River and cruised the banks for snakes. We must have spotted 20+ snakes during the outing. All were non-venomous snakes, except for the nice cottonmouth!!! What a cool a trip. I’d recommend calling Paul at Black River Outdoors and booking a trip.

paddle mingo02 canary01 paul mingo brown 01 paul water brown & banded swamp canary & cottonmouth cottonmouth 02 banded03 paddle mingo01

Georgetown, SC Inshore Fishing – August 2013

Fishing was really good going into this first week of August. The redfish bite was surprising on Saturday…seems like everywhere we stopped there was a group of happy reds. We also located some diving birds near one of the inlets and decided to fish them for a bit and caught some trout and saltwater catfish. Traditionally, August has been a tough month for fishing because of high water temps and lethargic fish, but the last two Augusts have been great. There are still plenty of good flounder around and the tarpon are being spotted more regularly. While the bite is good, I’m still ready for Sept/Oct fishing. The mullet run will have the tarpon fired-up and the redfish and trout will be chewing as well. See you on the water!!! Click on the images to view them in full size. Thanks for stopping by.

greg red 02 skimmer blur02 slam NI sunset 02 greg red wide cat double terry sardines skimmer blur red in hand

Family Fishing in Georgetown, SC This Weekend

Took the weekend off and spent some time on the water with my family. Had everyone out there…my wife, brother, and 2 daughters. Fishing was great and so was the weather. Even had time to go look for a tarpon one morning early… was greeted with a pretty sunrise and plenty of hungry sharks, but no tarpon this time. Here’s some photos…

korman01 greg02 redfish release korman02 allison & addie bay redfish

Here’s some iphone photos from the weekend. I’m going to start making this part of my weekly posts. Just think its nice you can get some cool images without lugging around a full body camera.

spoon fly shark family boat bennett red