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Inshore Fishing Report – Georgetown, SC – late June 2013

I used to always hear “winds from the east, fish bite the least” – you can throw that line out with the trash.┬áTailers, big trout, flounder, giant redfish…this week was so much fun on the marsh. The east winds cooled things down temperature-wise and the fish got happy. Here’s Nathan with his first sight-fished tailing redfish…

Nathan doa nathan 02

Nathan and Eli found a different kind of gold at the base of this rainbow…

rainbow 01 nathan 03 osprey 2

After Nick caught this freakishly-big trout on a live menhaden, we decided he needed to try for his first inshore slam. Seems like every time we set out to do this, we have a hard time catching that third species. We had already caught plenty of redfish, so all we needed was a flounder. We tied on a jig and a white grub and Nick started casting. It only took him a few casts to land a decent flounder. Good job Nick!nick trout 01 nick redfish 02 nick flounder 01 pooky house steve 01 nick red 01