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Early Winter Report – Debordieu Fishing – Fly Fishing & Inshore Fishing Charters in Georgetown

The fishing was dynamite this week! Every day of Thanksgiving week offered-up great weather, unseasonably warm temperatures, and excellent fishing around Debordieu and Georgetown. The redfish were cruising in small schools and were eager to take flies, artificials, and live bait. After a discouraging flood event in Georgetown, it was good to get out and finally start catching double digits of redfish every trip this week. The water temperatures are still warm enough to offer solid fishing conditions through Christmas. I’m really excited about the months ahead.

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March 24th 2012 – Inshore Fishing Around Georgetown and Pawleys Island South Carolina

Fishing is steadily picking up as the water temps rise. Sight-fishing is spotty with the water beginning to transition to the milky hues of summer, but live bait fishing is as good as it gets right now. If you’re willing to fish with live bait, then you can tug on fish until your arms get sore. We did a number on the redfish and black drum saturday in between thunder storms – glad Bucky left his shack unlocked so we could duck the rain without having to head back to the ramp. Flounder and other warm-water species are beginning to invade the marsh and the water temps will be in the seventies soon. Fishing will get better and better over the next two weeks and the redfish will be tailing for fiddler crabs in the flooded spartina soon. Now’s the time to start planning your trip to the marsh.


Got the band return on this bird in less than 24 hours – pretty impressed with FWS. This cormorant flew over some pretty awesome destinations between Lake Ontario, Canada and Georgetown, SC – can’t blame him for deciding to stop and take in the sights of the Georgetown marsh.

 Capt Jay Nelson







Jan 7th & 8th 2011 – clear water & schooled-up redfish – Georgetown, SC Fishing Charters

 The water has been gin-clear this week as is the norm for this time of year, but this fish are much more active than normal due to the warm weather . So in short, the fishing has been really good. Had regular fly-dude Chris on Saturday who brought his father-in-law along for some action. Chris said this was his best trip so far and he fishes with me a bunch. They caught a pile of fish with numerous doubles mixed in. Chris ended the day by plucking a fat redfish from a school of 30 tailing fish.

Underwater picture taken with the low-quality 5.0 MP camera on my Kodak Paysport. Thought it was a pretty cool photo considering it was taken with a hand-held video camera that costs only a hundred bucks.

On Sunday got to fish briefly with my buds Perry & Douglas. It was hard to get much fishing in with all of the trash-talk going on, but Perry managed to wrangle up a good one on fly that we watched peel away from a school and flare his gills on the fly. I was reminded this day just how good a bucket of fried chicken tastes out on the marsh. If you find a trail of chicken bones in the marsh, they may lead you to Douglas’ secret fishing hole – hahaha.