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Fall Inshore Fishing Report – Geogetown, SC – Redfish, Trout, & Flounder

You’ve got to love October…there’s more options for outdoor recreation than one redneck has time for. Do I go sit in a tree stand…catch a college football game…head to the dove field? Lots of tempting options to keep one from making it on the water. If you do find yourself on the water in October, you can bank on some of the prettiest sunrises/sunsets of the year, some great topwater action, giant redfish, and lots of great wildlife viewing. I’m thinking God placed college football, deer hunting, and all of these other temptations in October just to reward the devout fisherman in the fall.

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Georgetown, SC Redfish – July 14 & 15, 2012

Had a fun couple of days on the water. Found a good group of tarpon on saturday am, but couldn’t get them to eat live or dead bait, so we moved on and caught some redfish. On Sunday, we had excellent sight fishing all day. The east winds put some clean water in the marsh and we got shot-after-shot at cruising redfish. We didn’t put as many in the boat was we would have liked on Sunday, but the fishing was terrific. Saw some groups of redfish tailing and crawling with backs ouf of the water and Andrew made a great cast after a little practice and put a big fish in the boat. Please click on the images to view them in full size.

I saw piles of small shrimp this week and the redfish and trout seem to really be focusing on them. Time to pull out your shrimp flies and lures. The DOA shrimp has always been effective for me when the fish are eating shrimp. Go to Pawleys Island Outdoors and pick some up.

Please be sure to stop by and check out Black Mingo Outfitters on Front St in Georgetown, SC. They are locally owned and have lots of cool fishing gear from Patagonia, Simms, Howler Bros, and more. We need more businesses like this in town so please support them when you have the chance. It would make a great place to buy birthday gifts for the fisher men/women in your life.

New salty shores coozies are in…got to www.saltyshores.com and check out the swag store. They are cheap and keep beer cold!


Inshore Fishing Georgetown, South Carolina – April 2012

Pretty solid bite this weekend. Fished with Chris for his 42nd birthday on Saturday and John for his 50th birthday on Sunday. Both of them landed big 30-inch birthday fish. Chris’ fish has a better story though…in the middle of the fight, the fish popped the line and we all breathed a deep sigh as we watched the fish and 50 feet of braided line go scooting across the marsh. About 15-20 mins later, Chris’ dad pulls in his line and realizes he’s tangled up in some old fishing line – yep you guessed it. I grabbed another fishing rod out of the rod holder and  attached the old line to it – we came tight and the drag starts screeming – fish on! Chris got a second chance on his birthday fish and we got him to the boat! One of my favorite fishing moments of all time.

Chris’ birthday fish…

Here’s the one we used to save Chris’ birthday fish. You can see the white line reeled on top of the green line.

Bill’s 20″ flounder he caught while we were casting ditch mouths for redfish. Pretty nice bycatch.

John’s 50th birthday fish!!!

Baby redfish caught in the castnet – probably only 6 months old. He was swimming with a large group of mullet. Funny his pals today will be his primary food source in 12 months. This little guy swam away fine – we’ll catch up with him in a few years.  

The color on this fish was pretty amazing…he was lit up like a pumpkin.

Robin’s topwater trout…little foggy out that morning


March 24th 2012 – Inshore Fishing Around Georgetown and Pawleys Island South Carolina

Fishing is steadily picking up as the water temps rise. Sight-fishing is spotty with the water beginning to transition to the milky hues of summer, but live bait fishing is as good as it gets right now. If you’re willing to fish with live bait, then you can tug on fish until your arms get sore. We did a number on the redfish and black drum saturday in between thunder storms – glad Bucky left his shack unlocked so we could duck the rain without having to head back to the ramp. Flounder and other warm-water species are beginning to invade the marsh and the water temps will be in the seventies soon. Fishing will get better and better over the next two weeks and the redfish will be tailing for fiddler crabs in the flooded spartina soon. Now’s the time to start planning your trip to the marsh.


Got the band return on this bird in less than 24 hours – pretty impressed with FWS. This cormorant flew over some pretty awesome destinations between Lake Ontario, Canada and Georgetown, SC – can’t blame him for deciding to stop and take in the sights of the Georgetown marsh.

 Capt Jay Nelson







Thanksgiving 2011 – Georgetown, SC Fishing Charters – Marsh Hens & Redfish

Casting, blasting, food, family, & football…Thanksgiving 2011 was incredible! We were fortunate enough to have to perfect weather and fishing conditions for a good portion of the week. Light east winds kept the water clean, and the sunny skies allowed us to spot fish cruising for shrimp and mullet. If you got your artificial shrimp of choice in front of a cruising fish, there was almost no question…he was going to play vaccum cleaner with your bait. I fished with Mr Raynor on Turkey Day and with Smyth and Martha on Friday. We had an awesome time both days and got to put our eyes on some nice schools of fish. On Saturday, I hit the marsh with some of my redneck amigos for a quick marsh hen hunt…some video from the hunt. Those mud chickens sure are fun to hunt – and not bad to eat contrary to rumor. Most people would rather eat a leather boot than a marsh hen. That’s perfectly fine with me – more for us to enjoy! I’m thankful for the area we live in and for the good folks that I get to spend time with.

 Check out the size of the mud minnow in Martha’s fish’s mouth – biggest one I have ever seen!

Smyth works with my father-in-law on the Board of Trustees at Clemson University. We had been talking about spending a day on the water for a while and finally got to make it happen. Glad we fished before Saturday’s football game – I’m sure he was having a rough time on Sunday. Tough loss for the Tigers who have had a great season – but an excellent win for my Gamecocks. Hopefully Clemson has a good game in Charlotte playing for the ACC Championships against the Hokies.

Mr Raynor is a Long Island guy who has mostly fished for stripers and huge bluefish in the northeast, but he is becoming a redfish junkie now that his daughter moved to the Georgetown area. Nice work as usual Mr Raynor!


 Here’s some pics from our marsh hen hunt along with a short video. As you can tell, it is more about getting out there and having a good time than anything else. Not the most difficult hunt in the world, but one of the best times you can have on the marsh in my opinion.

Click here for video – Marsh Hen Video

Some pictures from mine and Douglas’ scouting mission…


June Flood Tides – Tailing Redfish

Fished the last 2 evening flood tides with Perry & Chad. The fish tailed last night much better then the night before – who knows what makes them tail better one evening than the other – my guess is the calmer winds. Had some great shots on fly – some materialized and others didn’t – we were just glad to be out there. Chad has a crazy new crab fly with rubber claws that proved effective both evenings.  Here’s some pics…