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Fall Inshore Fishing in Georgetown, SC – Sharks and Tailing Redfish

The fishing in Georgetown was DYNAMITE this weekend. The fall season has officially kicked off. We had a good round of flood tides where the fish were tailing happily. They were eager to take a well-placed crab fly. Dr Chris went 5 for 7 on fly Saturday with a version of my chinaback fiddler fly he tied. We also had some shark trips this weekend that were very productive – you couldn’t keep more than one rod in the water at a time before a blacktip had your bait. There’s also some tarpon in the area given that the mullet run is in full swing. This is a great time to fish for trout, redfish, flounder, sharks, and tarpon. Not to mention, the wildlife and bird viewing is at its peak right now. You never know what you are going to see out there on the water in the fall. Yesterday was the last day of the early marsh hen hunting season and we watched a bald eagle take advantage as he snacked on a freshly caught marsh hen!!!

Click on these images to view them in full size and resolution. Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you on the water.

tailer with spot bent rod chinaback throat 2 chris & jenna tailer eagle in flight McCabe and Family fall tailer chris tailer 2 chris angling tailer fighting tailer spot eagle in tree with marsh hen 2 tail 1 eagle on sign skvarka caught fish

 Here’s a few more pics I wanted to add…

reel and red chris on deck bubbly tailer

Capt Jay Nelson

Lowcountry Tarpon Tournament 2013 – Georgetown South Carolina Tarpon

We fished the Lowcountry Tarpon Tournament last weekend and had a great time. The bite however was a bit slow due to weather. Only 4 fish were caught in the tournament out of 18 boats. Douglas Miller, Cheech Castellvi, Johnny T., and I ended up releasing a fish in the first hour of the tournament and scored 2nd place overall. Congratulations to Capt. Robert Mayer from Georgetown for taking 1st place with 2 tarpon releases on day 1. JR Waits from Charleston also released a fish on day 1. This is a great tournament that benefits local tarpon research conducted by the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust. Please consider fishing the tournament with us next year. www.lowcountrytarpon.com

McCarley sunset hooked up cheech bowing 2 tarpon sept 13 douglas leader jetty sunrise 2 scout winyah bay pawleys docks lands end maverick

Also had a great redfish and flounder trip with the boss-man last week. Bruce Bailey, CEO of Georgetown Hospital System came out with his friend Rudy and caught the slam – redfish, trout, and flounder. Rudy caught some nice trout and a tagged redfish while Bruce took home the big flounder of the day. They also had some shots at tarpon that didn’t materialize. This is the time of the year to be out on the marsh…now through December is prime time for redfish and trout. Hope everyone has a great fall season.

bruce big red 02 sea trout rudy trout bruce sunrise bruce flounder rudy tagged redfish 02 red big mullet 02 pawleys sunset docks tagged redfish jordan trout 3


South Carolina Tarpon Fishing – Georgetown, SC

Got on a good tarpon bite this weekend with my buddy Capt Douglas Miller and Brit Rodgers. Was nice to get out with some friends and do some fishing on our own. Weather was perfect and there was even a little nip of fall in the air. The bait seems to be moving down the beach pretty consistently and things just feel right out there. This should mark the start of our fall fishing season…which has got our shallow water fishing community buzzing pretty good. Please consider fishing or attending the Lowcountry Tarpon Tournament out of Georgtown, SC this year. Visit www.lowcountrytarpon.com for more info. Here’ some pics from our weekend…

bridge sunrise castnet bunkers tarpon jump close tarpon kiss tarpon jump 2 jay & douglas tarpon tarpon tail tarpon flop morning run


Here’s a few B&W pics from a redfish/flounder trip with Lenny & Corey this weekend. The bite was somewhat slow due to the overcast conditions on saturday, but we had some good topwater blow-ups and and other bites on gulps.


corey flounder B&W lenny topwater wide B&W lenny topwater B&W


Family Fishing in Georgetown, SC This Weekend

Took the weekend off and spent some time on the water with my family. Had everyone out there…my wife, brother, and 2 daughters. Fishing was great and so was the weather. Even had time to go look for a tarpon one morning early… was greeted with a pretty sunrise and plenty of hungry sharks, but no tarpon this time. Here’s some photos…

korman01 greg02 redfish release korman02 allison & addie bay redfish

Here’s some iphone photos from the weekend. I’m going to start making this part of my weekly posts. Just think its nice you can get some cool images without lugging around a full body camera.

spoon fly shark family boat bennett red

Inshore Fishing Report – Georgetown, SC – late June 2013

I used to always hear “winds from the east, fish bite the least” – you can throw that line out with the trash. Tailers, big trout, flounder, giant redfish…this week was so much fun on the marsh. The east winds cooled things down temperature-wise and the fish got happy. Here’s Nathan with his first sight-fished tailing redfish…

Nathan doa nathan 02

Nathan and Eli found a different kind of gold at the base of this rainbow…

rainbow 01 nathan 03 osprey 2

After Nick caught this freakishly-big trout on a live menhaden, we decided he needed to try for his first inshore slam. Seems like every time we set out to do this, we have a hard time catching that third species. We had already caught plenty of redfish, so all we needed was a flounder. We tied on a jig and a white grub and Nick started casting. It only took him a few casts to land a decent flounder. Good job Nick!nick trout 01 nick redfish 02 nick flounder 01 pooky house steve 01 nick red 01

Inshore Fishing Georgetown, SC – Photos from May 2013 & Florida Keys Trip

Activity in the marsh started picking up throughout the month of May. The bait poured in from the ocean and the fish started feeding hard. Anglers are catching good numbers of redfish, trout, and flounder. The next several weeks are a great time to go for an inshore slam (flounder, trout, and reds in the same day). We also had a nice flood tide in May where the fish got up on the flats and tailed pretty well. One of my anglers managed to land a nice tailing fish on fly…it was his first ever redfish and first time fly fishing. Wish I could say my first redfish was caught on fly.

Click on the images to view them in full size. Thanks for viewing my photos and for reading my blog. I’m writing this on Memorial Day – I’m thankful for all of the men and women who serve our country and am holding the families of the fallen in my heart.

GH 02 Patrick Blumling 01 winyah fish wide winyah hog 02 frank blumling patrick 03 GH 01 groat wide 02 moon wide Wayne Schmidt Tailer on fly Tom storm 01 grass sunset Cheech flounder02 Ballou fish 01 Ballou and Kurt 01

Here’s some photos from a brief visit to Marathon Key in May. The tarpon fishing was pretty good on bait and lures, but we got skunked on fly. Can’t wait for the tarpon to arrive here in SC.

boot key courtney tarpon head tarpon grass tarpon with chicken_edit01 under bridge sunrise at billys blake and jordan tarpon C&T Sunset 3

April Fishing in Georgetown, South Carolina

Took college buddy and repeat client Bo Mullins out for some redfishing on Saturday. Typically, this time of year is extremely frustrating on the water…especially with 15+mph winds. However, the redfish were surprisingly hungry, unpicky, unspooky, and downright cordial. After breaking the ice on a few medium size fish, Bo and I crept up on a school of bruisers that I expected to freak-out upon our approach…but I was wrong. Nice wad of 20+ fish coming straight at the boat…Bo casts and is immediately hooked up to a 30-incher. We ended up landing 5 really big fish out of that school before we left them alone. Happy to see that kind of action in early April.

Click on the photos to view them full size…thanks and happy Spring

Bo fatty 03 BO release 01 white pelicans Bo 04 Bo headshot white pelicans 3

Bo 02

iphone closeup of one of Bo’s fish…

Bo B&W red

white pelicans 2

Went back on sunday hoping from similar action from the fish, but things were totally different. Not sure if they were waiting on the flood tide to eat some fiddlers or if they were full from the day before….that’s the way it goes in April. Had the water all to ourselves though…everyone must have been chasing the turkeys. Hoping to get out there myself this month before things really start heating up in the marsh late April/early May.

Cheech B&W

Here’s some baitfish flies I’ve been tying…should work great for the redfish and seatrout that will be showing up soon.

baitfish flies

tom turkey spring 2013

Capt Jay Nelson


Jan 12th & 13th – Winter Red Fishing in Georgetown, South Carolina – Fishing Charters

Had a great weekend on the water with Ryan, Schuyler, Cheech, and Dr McCabe and family. We easily broke the 70 degree mark both days – that always makes for a pretty good January bite. Saturday the sight fishing conditions were perfect with the bright sun and lack of cloud cover. We found a couple LARGE groups of fish cruising on top of the oysters at high water, but they were surprisingly picky. Once the sun warmed the mud a low tide, the fishing started to pick up. On Sunday, Dr McCabe surprised her dad with a fishing trip while he was in town visiting – he had no idea what they were going to do until they drove up and saw my skiff. Mr Poferl was visibly excited as he is an avid walleye fisherman up in Minnesota. Dr McCabe, her dad, and son did a number on the redfish and even landed a bonus flounder – how many of those do you see in January? Hoping this weather holds for awhile!!!!

Click on the photos to view them full size…

Melissa and Jared ryan and sky ryan redfish Mr Poferl white pelicans jared redfish 2 cheech redfish ryan and sky 2 Melissa flounder

oyster PI


Georgetown South Carolina Fly Fishing for Redfish

Awesome fishing this week – the warm temps and light winds made sight fishing really good. Black and purple flies have been working well along with doa shrimp in glow color.

Click on the images to view them in full size – they look much cooler that way. Use the arrow to scroll through the pics. Have a great holiday season.

That’s my father in law’s first redfish – sight casted out of the skinny stuff. He’s a natural.


I don’t ever get to fish myself. My father in law  (his first time in a skiff) poled me into a group of fish and let me snag this one on fly on saturday afternoon. Very special fish for me.

This scary critter was latched on to one of Chris’ fish from sunday afternoon. What the heck is that???


Fly Fishing for Redfish – Georgetown, SC – Great Weekend of Sight Fishing

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. We’ve got a lot to be thankful for here in South Carolina’s Lowcountry – including the excellent conditions this past week – the fish were chomping. The warm days with clear sunny skies allowed for some great fly fishing and sight fishing. The highlight of the week was watching Dean sight cast and catch his first ever redfish on fly – way to go Dean!!! Fishing should be great right on through December.

Please click on the images to view them in full size and use the “next” button to scroll through them. Have a great holiday season.