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Tropical Storms & Tailing Redfish – Inshore Fishing Pawleys Island & Georgetown, SC – May 21, 2012

Not typically a fan of tropical storms and NE winds. However, we got a nice surprise Friday night when the water flooded the spartina flats and gave way to the best tailing action I’ve seen so far this season. McCarley and I snagged a couple tailers on white gulp shrimp rigged weedless and scouted out a few new flats. The Floyd boys drove down the next morning despite the gloomy forecast and managed to do pretty well live baiting some big redfish. Live finger mullet did the trick on Saturday. Sunday was a bit windier, but the sun finally came out and the fish were feeding hard. Did some scounting with my younger bro who got to pull on some chunky redfish in some new areas that I don’t typically fish. The bite should get even better once this weather starts to stabilize.











Feb 4th 2012 – Andy & Heath – Georgetown, SC Fishing Charters

Great day of fishing with friends Andy and Heath. This has got to be the warmest winter since I got out of diapers. The fish are enjoying the warm weather as much as we are and the bite was excellent this weekend. Coolest thing from the weekend: I snapped a photo of an oystercatcher and realized once I got home that it had several bands placed on its legs. Did a little research and there is a banding/conservation effort in place to protect the species. Each state on the eastern seaboard has a different color code on the band – this particular bird was banded in Georgia – hence the red band with white lettering.  A South Carolina oystercatcher is banded with a blue band with white lettering. Check out http://amoywg.org/ if you are interested in the project. Scrolled through a couple more pics from the day and realized the pelican I took a picture of also had a band – nice to know folks are looking after our coastal birds. The warm weather had everyone out on the prowl…we saw plenty of oystermen, clam gatherers, fishermen, and boaters throughout the day – even some ducks still hanging around. Finished the weekend with some food, a burn barrel, and a little football. Hope everyone had an excellent super bowl weekend.



Jan 28th 2011 – Surgeon Scott – Georgetown, SC Fishing Charters

Broke away from baby-duty for a couple hours on saturday to get my friend Scott on the water for a bit. This guy has been living in Georgetown for less than a week and is already out sampling the best of what our town has to offer. Scott is the new spinal surgeon for the community – glad to know someone who can fix my back when it goes out on me from pushing the boat around so much. We had yet another unseasonably warm January day with temps almost in the 70’s. You know you’re having a warm winter when the alligators are out sunning in January. Hopefully this will be good for our trout population that took such a hit the last couple of winters.

Fish are biting – hope everyone has a chance to get out there this winter!


Gibbes – September 24th – Georgetown, SC Fishing Charters

Had another great day with George and Ethel. They fished with me earlier in the month and came back this weekend for their anniversary. The redfish bite was red-hot and the fish seem to be gathering in their fall schools. We saw several small schools of 5-15 fish. The big breeder reds have also made their way into the inlet – this is a great opportunity to cacth a 30+ inch fish in shallow water. Make sure to spend plenty of time reviving these fish as they are the future of our estuaries.










Labor Day Weekend with the Gibbes – Georgetown, SC Fishing Charters

Fished with the Gibbes family this weekend and enjoyed some great weather and great fishing. The redfish bite was pretty good, but didn’t rival the action we had with the tarpon. The fish were rolling and feeding on big mullet – they put on a pretty good show. After hooking a fish briefly, the Gibbes’ didn’t get a tarpon boat-side, but it is safe to say there’s now two more tarpon junkies in South Carolina. The mullet run has begun and the fishing will be excellent straight through the fall.

We went back on Monday morning to try and get on the tarpon again. It seems the weather kept them from feeding or they stayed offshore. We only saw 2 fish roll all morning. However, we were still able to put a nice fish in the air. Unfortunately, she threw the hook on the third jump…but any day you get to see a tarpon in the air is a good one in my book. On the way home, we found some redfish in a little ditch and Stevie snagged a large one. You can’t beat seeing a 10+ pound fish come out of a shallow mud hole. Ended the weekend with family and friends at the swimming pool with some bluegrass music, charcoal grills, and homemade ice cream. I love this time of year!