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Inshore Fishing Report Georgetown, SC – August 2013

Had some great fishing this weekend with some great folks. The redfish, flounder, ladyfish, and trout were biting. We even jumped a tarpon on redfish tackle…he wore through the leader after a few jumps. We also had some flood tides this weekend…gotta love some tailing redfish. The fishing will continue to be great all the way through fall. Click on the photos to view them in full size.

grass flat tailer 01 seabass 02 lynch red 01 Jamie & Perry Flood fly red 01 grouper snooper b-liners chris and lynch flounders rain suit lynch & chris big red tailer 02 chris red 01 tail sunday 02 chris running


Inshore Fishing Charters Georgetown, SC July 2013

Yep, the water is still crayola brown from all of the rain earlier in the month…and the bay water is totally fresh…not a hint of salt. Honestly I thought this would mean difficult fishing for the week, but we really had some pretty decent action. There’s a little more bait in the creeks that I’ve seen recently and the redfish are capitalizing on it – busting mullets and acting generally happy. We also had some great tailing action on the flood tides last week despite the wind. Here’s a few pics…click on them to view them in full size. Have a good Summer!

nick05 randy flounder nick 04 randy redfish nick and john nick flounder randy & andy nick01 andrew cast05

Here’s a few iphone photos from the weekend…you really don’t need a fancy camera to capture some great moments on the water.

sunrise John Adams Grass

Gus & Andrew Shadows

Inshore Fishing Report – Georgetown, SC – late June 2013

I used to always hear “winds from the east, fish bite the least” – you can throw that line out with the trash. Tailers, big trout, flounder, giant redfish…this week was so much fun on the marsh. The east winds cooled things down temperature-wise and the fish got happy. Here’s Nathan with his first sight-fished tailing redfish…

Nathan doa nathan 02

Nathan and Eli found a different kind of gold at the base of this rainbow…

rainbow 01 nathan 03 osprey 2

After Nick caught this freakishly-big trout on a live menhaden, we decided he needed to try for his first inshore slam. Seems like every time we set out to do this, we have a hard time catching that third species. We had already caught plenty of redfish, so all we needed was a flounder. We tied on a jig and a white grub and Nick started casting. It only took him a few casts to land a decent flounder. Good job Nick!nick trout 01 nick redfish 02 nick flounder 01 pooky house steve 01 nick red 01

Jan 12th & 13th – Winter Red Fishing in Georgetown, South Carolina – Fishing Charters

Had a great weekend on the water with Ryan, Schuyler, Cheech, and Dr McCabe and family. We easily broke the 70 degree mark both days – that always makes for a pretty good January bite. Saturday the sight fishing conditions were perfect with the bright sun and lack of cloud cover. We found a couple LARGE groups of fish cruising on top of the oysters at high water, but they were surprisingly picky. Once the sun warmed the mud a low tide, the fishing started to pick up. On Sunday, Dr McCabe surprised her dad with a fishing trip while he was in town visiting – he had no idea what they were going to do until they drove up and saw my skiff. Mr Poferl was visibly excited as he is an avid walleye fisherman up in Minnesota. Dr McCabe, her dad, and son did a number on the redfish and even landed a bonus flounder – how many of those do you see in January? Hoping this weather holds for awhile!!!!

Click on the photos to view them full size…

Melissa and Jared ryan and sky ryan redfish Mr Poferl white pelicans jared redfish 2 cheech redfish ryan and sky 2 Melissa flounder

oyster PI


Christmas & New Years Weekend – Fly Fishing Charters in Georgetown & Pawleys Island, South Carolina

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! I’m very thankful for all of the folks that I get to share time on the water with. We’ve had some pretty good fishing this month despite cold temperatures and windy conditions. Fly fishing has been spotty the last couple of weeks, but we’ve had some good days. Regardless of conditions, there’s always some fish to hang on artificial baits and live minnows. Here’s some pics from the past week. Best wishes to everyone reading this blog in 2013.

leslie and beth ann

black drum profile 2

hunter and hampton redfish


There’s some fine oysters to be had in the Lowcountry this year. If you don’t have time to harvest your own, there’s plenty of good local seafood markets. Try Seven Seas or Harrelsons in Murrells Inlet or Livingstons Seafood in McClellanville. You could also go the first-class route and have Backyard Shuckers put on an oyster roast for your next party or event. http://www.facebook.com/backyard.shuckers 


chris skvarka sunset 2

jordan SCB fly

hampton redfish

bennett & briar


leslie redfish

douglas passing

rhett black drum 2

bald eagle 3

hunter release

meade redfish (1)

jay release dec2011

perry heading home 1

rhett B&W

hampton black drum

smyth redfish 2 martha redfish chris skvarka sunset chris skvarka spot chris skvarka platform 3 chris skvarka macro deer hair fly chris skvarka macro crab fly chris skvarka deer hair fly and nautilus reel purple canary

beth ann redfish

leslie redfish (1)

Georgetown South Carolina Fly Fishing for Redfish

Awesome fishing this week – the warm temps and light winds made sight fishing really good. Black and purple flies have been working well along with doa shrimp in glow color.

Click on the images to view them in full size – they look much cooler that way. Use the arrow to scroll through the pics. Have a great holiday season.

That’s my father in law’s first redfish – sight casted out of the skinny stuff. He’s a natural.


I don’t ever get to fish myself. My father in law  (his first time in a skiff) poled me into a group of fish and let me snag this one on fly on saturday afternoon. Very special fish for me.

This scary critter was latched on to one of Chris’ fish from sunday afternoon. What the heck is that???


Fly Fishing for Redfish – Georgetown, SC – Great Weekend of Sight Fishing

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. We’ve got a lot to be thankful for here in South Carolina’s Lowcountry – including the excellent conditions this past week – the fish were chomping. The warm days with clear sunny skies allowed for some great fly fishing and sight fishing. The highlight of the week was watching Dean sight cast and catch his first ever redfish on fly – way to go Dean!!! Fishing should be great right on through December.

Please click on the images to view them in full size and use the “next” button to scroll through them. Have a great holiday season.


Inshore Saltwater Fishing – Georgetown & Pawleys Island, SC – October 2012

Gotta love October – this is arguably the best month for fishing in the Georgetown and Pawleys Island area. Had a great couple of days with some awesome people. The redfish bite was really good and we even launched a couple of tarpon.

Please click on the images to view them in full size…

Here’a a photo of a Pawleys Island creek house from earlier in the week.

Here’s Chip King from Shearline Boatworks in Morehead, NC. Make sure to check out their website www.shearlineboatworks.com  – these guys build some incredible wooden boats and sportfishing rigs.

Had time to steam some crabs this week with Clay. Steaming some seafood has me ready for some cooler weather and oyster roasts.

Tarpon we launched this week – didnt’ land her unfortunately.


Georgetown Fishing – August 2012

Just some more pics from this week. Lots of rain this weekend that ate up a lot of fishing time, but still some action in between storms. The cooler temps have the fish in a cooperative mood if you can dodge the rain. Had some great tailing action on this morning’s flood tide before the weather moved in. We’ve got plenty of good flood tides in the forecast and the tarpon fishing should start to get rolling in the next week or two.

Click on the photos to view them in full size…


Tailing Redfish and Jack Crevalle on Fly – Georgetown South Carolina Fishing

I’ve been off the water for a brief period welcoming our new baby girl Bennett into the world. She’s a catch of a lifetime! Luckily, some friends bailed me out of the house and away from baby duty long enough to get some fishing in on Monday evening. We had a great time catching tailing redfish and jack crevalle on fly rods. The flood tide fishing was pretty good and the fish started tailing fairly hard once the storms started bearing down on us. Fall is  right around the corner and the fishing will be really great all the way through the holidays. Late August/early September will be prime time to catch an inshore tarpon and October/November is when our redfish go nuts. Call me if you are interested in booking a tarpon trip or a fall redfish trip. Click on the images for a full size view. Also check out my photo essay in this month’s Catch Magazine if you get a chance – thanks! See you on the water.