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Spring has sprung…finally. Good fishing in Georgetown, SC this weekend.

Had a good trip out on the water Saturday morning with my buddy Cheech. The weather was nice and warm even early in the day. At dawn, we found the redfish capitalizing on the new finger mullet that has gradually appeared in the creeks. It was nice to hear that familiar sound of large reds busting mullets along the grass edges. The rain from earlier in the week had stained the water, so we decided to break out the old-school gold spoons. Its easy to get wrapped up in the new technology in fishing tackle, but don’t forget what always¬†worked for you before the years of stink baits and fifteen dollar lures. Cheech and I agreed there’s something really cool about tricking an old redfish on something as simple as a bent piece of metal.

Click on an individual photo to scroll through the pics in full size…thanks for taking a look

Maverick sunset cheech spoon 3 barge Cheech bay red (1) cheech platform cheech spoon 1 midway inlet brookgreen gobbler