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March Redfish & Wild Hogs in Georgetown, South Carolina

Had a fun weekend taking the Wood boys fishing. Things started off slow with the cold temeratures and high water, but as the sun heating things up at mid-day, the action was pretty darn good. Most fish were caught on live minnows from Pawleys Island Outdoors. It won’t be long before the fish get aggressive again and we will be trying out some new lures…specifically the DOA airhead. I used this bait for snook in Everglades last week…very awesome new product from DOA that should prove effective on our redfish, trout, and tarpon.

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Beale 02 Harrison 01 Beale 01 Harrison 02 Beale 03

On Sunday we headed out to the Waccamaw River for a wild hog hunt. I was pretty much a spectator, but some of my buds get really fired-up about this type of hunting. They use dogs to search high areas in the marsh for bedded-down pigs and then chase them down. The guys had a successful day and managed to harvest 4 pigs. One of them was around 300lbs. Wild pigs are highly invasive and destructive and its a good idea to remove them from your property if possible. If you are succesful in removing them from your property, you will be reqarded with plenty of meat for the BBQ grill.

clint & jason river brads boat arcadia field jeep and brad dragging a hog rice ditch 02 brad hog in boat 02 swamp thing


Took my first trip to the Everglades last week. Here’s a few pics from the trip. Fished with my buddy Honson Lau from Miami and stayed on an awesome mothership in Whitewater Bay. Check out Blue Moon Expeditions.The weather was really bad (cold and windy), but we made the best of it. We jumped a couple tarpon and caught some snook and reds. We also had a chance to break in Maverick Boats’ new 2014 HPX-V demo boat. What a sweet ride!

hpx-v 17 glades running 03 snook on airhead mothership 01 ponce sunset hpx-v 17 glades running 02 hells bay snook everglades kite flying honson hpx gold

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Capt Jay Nelson