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Early 2019

Great start to the 2019 season. The fisheries are rebounding following last year’s flood and the shooting has been excellent in the marsh when seasons allow.

Marsh Hen Hunting Georgetown South Carolina

Have had some excellent marsh hen bunting on the big tides lately in Georgetown SC along with a steady trout bite. Gotta love fall in South Carolina’s Lowcountry.

Marsh hen Hunting Georgetown South Carolina

Marsh raccoon

Speckled trout Georgetown sc

Marsh hen hunting

Tailing Redfish & Marsh Hens – Cast & Blast – Fall 2015 Report – Debordieu & Georgetown, SC

This fall got off to an excellent start with some great tailing tides and early marsh hen hunts. The fishing was basically as good as fishing gets. Unfortunately, our region experienced an unprecedented flood in October that caused devastation to some of our coastal and riverside communities. As the communities began to rebuild, the rivers continued to pump dirty/fresh water into our estuaries. As a result, many fly trips were postponed or cancelled. However, things are now starting to look up and the fishing is improving and the waters are starting to clean up. We’ve had a steady bite on the bull reds and the weather has been beautiful. We are looking forward to some excellent fishing trips throughout the fall and winter. See you on the water!

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Fly Fishing & Marsh Hen Hunting – Georgetown, SC – Cast & Blast

Had a fun weekend despite the nasty weather. Jay and James both got a limit of marsh hens on saturday morning before heading back to Columbia, SC. Poked out after the marsh hen hunt with the Yeltons and scored a couple of nice redfish on fly. Those guys are hardcore – most people would have cancelled the trip due to weather.

Please click on the images to view them in full size. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving.


Capt Jay Nelson

Halloween Weekend 2012 – Georgetown / Pawleys Island, SC Fishing & Marsh Hen Hunting

Fishing has been good lately – even following the windy storm conditions. The water clarity remains great and the trout and reds are on the feed. If you’ve been planning a trip, now is the time to get on the water. The trout are eating live shrimp, mullet, and topwater lures while the redfish are still targeting mullet for the most part. In the right conditions, the redfish have also been eating topwater plugs. Our best fly fishing conditions for redfish begin this month and we should have some great sight fishing from now through the holidays.

Some friends and I went out on sunday following the passing of Hurricane Sandy. It was windy, but we still had an awesome time. Surprisingly, the water clarity is still great and the trout are hungry. Just goes to show – you can’t catch em sitting on the couch.

The marsh hen hunting has also been good on the flood tides. I say it all the time: these birds truly catch a bad rap. While many shots are easy, they can be pretty sporty if you hunt them the right way. Try using a 20 gauge, 28 gauge, or even a .410. They also are great to eat contrary to rumors. If you eat doves, then there’s no reason you wouldn’t want to eat a marsh hen. We’re lucky to have such an abundance of this particular gamebird.

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Cast & Blast – Marsh Hen Hunting and Redfish – Georgetown, SC Fishing

Had some great trips on the water this weekend. The redfish bite is really good right now and the weather has been fantastic. Had my buddy Robert come back to town for his birthday – he wanted a cast and blast trip. The guys caught a pile of redfish in the morning, took a break for some lunch and college football, and then headed back out for some marsh hen hunting in the afternoon. Also had Logan and Charles out for some evening action. They got into a really good bite and had one of the coolest redfish eats I’ve ever seen. Gotta love September in the Lowcountry.

Click on the images to view them in full size…thanks and have a great fall season!!!!

Ringing in the Holiday Season with Fish and Feathers

No charters this weekend so I got to hit the marsh with some of my friends. It is nice getting out on the water on those gray/windy days every once and a while. Our friend Todd managed to catch his first redfish ever with me and Jordan on Saturday – if he is anything like the rest of us, he won’t be able to get fishing off his mind any time soon. Don’t care if its gray, sunny, cold, or warm – the Georgetown marsh has to look pretty amazing to someone who is just seeing it for the first time.

On sunday Douglas and I took his oldest son, Elliot (aka Rail-Commander), out for his first wing-shooting experience. The forecasted tide woulnd’t have been high enough for a marsh hen hunt, but we knew a full moon and 30mph NE winds would bring the tide way up. Sure enough, we dropped the boat in 2 hours before the high tide and we were able to get in the grass immediatley. The birds were gathered in huge groups and the high winds made for some fun shooting. I’ve got to say it was probably the best marsh hen hunt I have ever been on – we saw hundreds of birds and Elliot was able to learn a lot about shooting and firearm safety. Exposing a young outdoorsman to bird hunting  for the first time has to be one of the most gratifying things a father can do with his son. I’d say the Miller boys had one heck of a day in hen country!






Thanksgiving 2011 – Georgetown, SC Fishing Charters – Marsh Hens & Redfish

Casting, blasting, food, family, & football…Thanksgiving 2011 was incredible! We were fortunate enough to have to perfect weather and fishing conditions for a good portion of the week. Light east winds kept the water clean, and the sunny skies allowed us to spot fish cruising for shrimp and mullet. If you got your artificial shrimp of choice in front of a cruising fish, there was almost no question…he was going to play vaccum cleaner with your bait. I fished with Mr Raynor on Turkey Day and with Smyth and Martha on Friday. We had an awesome time both days and got to put our eyes on some nice schools of fish. On Saturday, I hit the marsh with some of my redneck amigos for a quick marsh hen hunt…some video from the hunt. Those mud chickens sure are fun to hunt – and not bad to eat contrary to rumor. Most people would rather eat a leather boot than a marsh hen. That’s perfectly fine with me – more for us to enjoy! I’m thankful for the area we live in and for the good folks that I get to spend time with.

 Check out the size of the mud minnow in Martha’s fish’s mouth – biggest one I have ever seen!

Smyth works with my father-in-law on the Board of Trustees at Clemson University. We had been talking about spending a day on the water for a while and finally got to make it happen. Glad we fished before Saturday’s football game – I’m sure he was having a rough time on Sunday. Tough loss for the Tigers who have had a great season – but an excellent win for my Gamecocks. Hopefully Clemson has a good game in Charlotte playing for the ACC Championships against the Hokies.

Mr Raynor is a Long Island guy who has mostly fished for stripers and huge bluefish in the northeast, but he is becoming a redfish junkie now that his daughter moved to the Georgetown area. Nice work as usual Mr Raynor!


 Here’s some pics from our marsh hen hunt along with a short video. As you can tell, it is more about getting out there and having a good time than anything else. Not the most difficult hunt in the world, but one of the best times you can have on the marsh in my opinion.

Click here for video – Marsh Hen Video

Some pictures from mine and Douglas’ scouting mission…


Video Gallery (click here)

Marsh Hen Hunt Thanksgiving 2011

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