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Ringing in the Holiday Season with Fish and Feathers

No charters this weekend so I got to hit the marsh with some of my friends. It is nice getting out on the water on those gray/windy days every once and a while. Our friend Todd managed to catch his first redfish ever with me and Jordan on Saturday – if he is anything like the rest of us, he won’t be able to get fishing off his mind any time soon. Don’t care if its gray, sunny, cold, or warm – the Georgetown marsh has to look pretty amazing to someone who is just seeing it for the first time.

On sunday Douglas and I took his oldest son, Elliot (aka Rail-Commander), out for his first wing-shooting experience. The forecasted tide woulnd’t have been high enough for a marsh hen hunt, but we knew a full moon and 30mph NE winds would bring the tide way up. Sure enough, we dropped the boat in 2 hours before the high tide and we were able to get in the grass immediatley. The birds were gathered in huge groups and the high winds made for some fun shooting. I’ve got to say it was probably the best marsh hen hunt I have ever been on – we saw hundreds of birds and Elliot was able to learn a lot about shooting and firearm safety. Exposing a young outdoorsman to bird hunting  for the first time has to be one of the most gratifying things a father can do with his son. I’d say the Miller boys had one heck of a day in hen country!