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Georgetown, SC Inshore Fishing June 2013

We’ve continued to see good fishing as we transition in to the hot part of the summer. The bait has shown up in mass and the redfish, flounder, and trout are capitalizing on the abundance of mullet and menhaden. There’s been some giant redfish caught lately that I believe show up from the ocean to feed on the new bait. I haven’t seen a tarpon here yet, but there should be a few around and it should be any time that we start targeting them along with sharks and other summer visitors. The first flood tide was pretty good and we have another round of tides coming up late June. If you want to catch a tailing redfish on fly or light tackle, call me about catching one of these flood tides in June or July.

Please click on the photos if you would like to view them in full size…have a good Summer!

jamie wide gary erik02 erik & andy running erik & andy flounder erik03 andy04 jamie boat deb beach 02 andy june 01 andy bow jay bay 01 jamie trout 01 andy 02 jamie boat deb beach 01 jamie boat 01