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Inshore Fishing Report Georgetown, SC – February 2014

There’s something inside every fisherman, especially a sight-fisherman, that gets really excited by being able to see to the bottom. The colorful sea grass, the huge mullet schools, discarded crab traps and human junk, sandy contours and pot-holes, and occasionally…a redfish or two. Its winter time in our estuaries and the water is crystal clear – you can see it all right now! I’ve been taking advantage of all this clear water to try out my GoPro camera. Most folks use it for video, but the photography capability has been fairly impressive – plus I can take underwater shots. I think this little camera really opens up your options for outdoor photography, especially while on the water. Click on the photos if you’d like to view them in full size.

DCIM264GOPRO DCIM264GOPRO john reardon redfish white pelicans banded white pelican DCIM264GOPRO Fly Fishing Georgetown South Carolina 2 Fly Fishing in South Carolina DCIM263GOPRO juv eagle jones creek underwater redfish DCIM264GOPRO scoter scoter getting up oystercatchers and willets

Here’s a really cool discovery from the weeekend. I took a picture of this banded oystercatcher on saturday – pretty cool moment in itself – but realized when I got home that I had photographed the exact same migratory bird 23 months ago. It was only a couple hundred yeards from where I first observed it. If you like checking out migratory birds or photographing them, this is an exciting time of year.

banded OC 01 white pelicans 2 pelican flying Georgetown north inlet sunset 1


Feb 4th 2012 – Andy & Heath – Georgetown, SC Fishing Charters

Great day of fishing with friends Andy and Heath. This has got to be the warmest winter since I got out of diapers. The fish are enjoying the warm weather as much as we are and the bite was excellent this weekend. Coolest thing from the weekend: I snapped a photo of an oystercatcher and realized once I got home that it had several bands placed on its legs. Did a little research and there is a banding/conservation effort in place to protect the species. Each state on the eastern seaboard has a different color code on the band – this particular bird was banded in Georgia – hence the red band with white lettering.  A South Carolina oystercatcher is banded with a blue band with white lettering. Check out http://amoywg.org/ if you are interested in the project. Scrolled through a couple more pics from the day and realized the pelican I took a picture of also had a band – nice to know folks are looking after our coastal birds. The warm weather had everyone out on the prowl…we saw plenty of oystermen, clam gatherers, fishermen, and boaters throughout the day – even some ducks still hanging around. Finished the weekend with some food, a burn barrel, and a little football. Hope everyone had an excellent super bowl weekend.