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Shark Week – Fishing for Sharks, Redfish, Seatrout, & Flounder – Debordieu Beach & Georgetown, SC

The shark fishing seems to heat up each year when Discovery Channel starts airing their shark week series. The redfish, seatrout, and flounder bite around Debordieu and Georgetown have also been great despite the heat. I’ve seen some grown trout in the past couple of weeks! But back to the sharks…I don’t take these powerful fish for granted. Its really cool to catch such large, migratory fish in shallow water. They are a reliable target and there’s several different species you can expect to catch in our inshore waters. Lately, we’ve seen bull sharks, blacktips, blacknose, bonnethead, and sharpnose sharks. If you want to put your kids on a fun hard-fighting fish, then a shark trip is a great idea. The tarpon will also be showing up in better numbers this month. Its not uncommon to catch sharks, tarpon, and reds in the same general area in July, August, and September. Stay tuned for some reports and photos! Here’s some pictures from the past couple of weeks.

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Inshore Fishing Georgetown, SC – September 2012 – sharks and redfish

Pretty solid fishing this weekend. Fished with some awesome people over the last several days and caught plenty of redfish, trout, and some sharks. Things are really going to get good as the temperature drops throughout September. I’ll tell you a lure to check out if you haven’t already – Mirrolure’s “top dog” plug – the redfish have been all over it.

Please click on the images to view them in full size.

Georgia whooped this shark all by herself – pretty impressive!

Some father and son action – Alex made a perfect cast to this fish in the skinny water!

Justin caught his first redfish ever today – great work my man!

Capt Jay Nelson

Winyah Guide Service