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January Waterfowl & February Fly Fishing for Redfish – Georgetown & McClellanville, SC

Yeah yeah…its cold in Jan/Feb, but outdoorsmen are missing out on some of the best action of the year if they stay home on the couch. I took a couple of weeks off from fishing and did a little duck hunting around the Georgetown area and wanted to share some pictures that have a different flavor from what you typically see on my blog. Some are from private property and others are from public water here in Georgetown. This aint Arkansas or North Dakota, but there’s ducks to be had if you get out and put your time in. But even if the shooting is slow, at least you can count on a damn-fine sunrise over God’s country. I’m no duck commander anyway – I just like to get out there and enjoy the scenery. Now that the duck season is over, we got back after the fish this weekend and found a couple of large schools – they were definitely skittish, but when approached stealthily, they were willing to eat a fly without hesitation. Looks like relatively warm conditions ahead and the fishing should be pretty darn fun.

Click on the photos to view them in full size…thanks for visiting…see you on the water.

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moreland double moreland blind


Capt Jay Nelson