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April 13th-15th, 2012 – Fishing Around Pawleys Island & Georgetown, SC

Great fishing this weekend – the small mullet and shrimp are thickening in the marsh, jump-starting our warm season fishing patterns. We capitalized on the calm weather and did some sight-fishing and topwater plugging. Gideon & Andy had some incredible eats on Saturday morning. The trout seemed to be eating small grass shrimp, but didn’t mind passing on a shrimp to clobber Andy’s mirrolure topwater. We also found some belly-crawling reds that were eating mullet and shrimp – they were caught on soft plastic jerk baits and live finger mullet.

Gideon caught a nice tagged fish in the inlet – we will report the numbers to SCDNR this week to find out where his fish was tagged and how far it has travelled from the tag site. Remember to leave the tag in the fish – simply record the numbers and report them to DNR. Removing the tag would prevent any future anglers from reporting data back to DNR.

Each of these royal terns had a band on the right leg – couldn’t get close enough to read any of the numbers.

Had our hospital CEO Bruce Bailey and his son Tyler on the boat Sunday. They are fun guys to spend the day with and we had some great fishing throughout the morning. 



Jan 28th 2011 – Surgeon Scott – Georgetown, SC Fishing Charters

Broke away from baby-duty for a couple hours on saturday to get my friend Scott on the water for a bit. This guy has been living in Georgetown for less than a week and is already out sampling the best of what our town has to offer. Scott is the new spinal surgeon for the community – glad to know someone who can fix my back when it goes out on me from pushing the boat around so much. We had yet another unseasonably warm January day with temps almost in the 70’s. You know you’re having a warm winter when the alligators are out sunning in January. Hopefully this will be good for our trout population that took such a hit the last couple of winters.

Fish are biting – hope everyone has a chance to get out there this winter!