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March 7th with Kent Edmonds and Capt. Newman Weaver – Georgetown, SC Fishing Charters

Had a great day fishing this weekend with Temple Fork Outfitters (TFO) rep, Kent Edmonds and Capt. Newman Weaver from Kingfisher Guide Service. Kent is a heck of a nice guy and wrks really hard as a rep for many brands in the fishing industry such as TFO, Freedom Hawk Kayaks, Galvan Fly Reels, and Teeny Fly Lines. Kent is also an accomplished freshwater guide in Georgia. He targets shoal bass, stripers, and other species on the Flint River – exclusively with a fly rod.

It was nice to finally see a calm, sunny day in March. The fish were very happy on the rising tide and were slurping our flies in the top of the water column. We used a variey of flies including sliders, shrimp patterns, and fiddler patterns. They definitely wanted food from the crustacean family. We even saw tailing fish to start the day off. Gotta love redfishing in the Carolinas.