Best answer: Can you return a fish tank?

as long as there is absolutely no damage, only extremely minor visual defects (finger smudge marks), and the tank is almost new, it should be alright. All right thanks a lot! Also i’d make sure you get that tank off craigslist first so your fish arent homeless.. I don’t think they will take it back.

Can I return a fish tank to Petco?

Yes, you must return it within 60 days of purchase as per Petco Return Policy. If you wish to return fish tank back then you need to be assure that you need to click a photo picture of it and send it. It should be in its original condition and can be resold again.

Can I return a fish tank PetSmart?

Petsmart Return Policy

PetSmart makes returns easy. If the product was purchased online, it can be returned the same way, by attaching the return shipping label and dropping it in the mail. … If the purchase was made within the last 60 days, the purchase price is refunded back to the original credit card.

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Does PetSmart guarantee fish?

PetSmart is a customer-friendly pet store that wants every customer happy with their purchase and their animal. The fish return policy for both dead and alive fish is the same. Return it for a full refund or exchange within 14-days of purchase. Remember to bring the original sales receipt with you to make the return.

Does Petco take unwanted fish?

There are a few ways to surrender, donate, give away, or rehome an unwanted pet fish. Petco, Pet World Warehouse Outlet, and Pet Supermarket all accept fish surrenders. Doctors’ offices and schools may take a pet donation, or you can post the fish on Craigslist or Facebook.

WHAT DOES Petco do with returned fish?

It’s a fish. If you return it alive within 30 days, we’ll give you a refund and put it back out for sale. If you return it dead within 30 days we’ll give you a refund or exchange and dispose of it for you.

What can I do with unwanted fish?

Several alternatives exist for getting rid of an unwanted fish. Individuals should consider returning it to a local pet shop for resale or trade, or giving it to another hobbyist including an aquarium in a professional office, museum, school, nursing home or to a public aquarium or zoological park.

Can I buy a fish at PetSmart?

At PetSmart, we provide everything you need to take care of pet fish, including a selection of live fish for sale in our aquatics section at each store. Some of the largest freshwater fish kept as pets include oscars, discus, plecostomus, and even the common goldfish! …

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Can you return a dead hamster to PetSmart?

PetSmart has a 14-day guarantee on all small animals. The catch, however, is that the animal can only be returned if sick or dead. … As long as the animal has some obvious ailments, though, the store will accept them and often find a way to reimburse you whether through store credit, a new pet, or money.

Can you return an aggressive fish?

Definitely return the fish, Its not going to get any better. I had similar problems with gouramis. I tried putting the aggressive fish in a fish net for a couple of days to help them adjust to one another but when I released the fish it went back to to chasing and attacking other fish.

How do you sterilize a fish tank after a fish dies?

However, if the tank has had sick fish ,you need to use a stronger solution like bleach. People are often afraid to resort to bleach, but it is safe if used correctly. Vinegar Solution. ​Vinegar can be used to clean your tank, filter, heater and all decorations using a 1:1 vinegar/water solution.

Do fishes sleep?

While fish do not sleep in the same way that land mammals sleep, most fish do rest. Research shows that fish may reduce their activity and metabolism while remaining alert to danger. … These periods of “suspended animation” may perform the same restorative functions as sleep does in people.

What happens when you leave a dead fish in the tank?

Any dead fish should be removed, as its body will quickly rot in the warm, bacteria-laden water. A corpse will pollute water, risking the health of other fish in the tank. If it died from disease the last thing you want is other fish consuming its body parts, so remove immediately.

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What is the easiest fish to take care of?

Generally speaking, all these species are good-natured, striking, and very easy to care for. Good luck with finding your new pet fish!

  1. GOLDFISH. Yes, the goldfish is top on the list. …
  2. GUPPIES. Small and brightly colored, guppies are another favorite for beginner aquariums. …


Why did my fish die in my new tank?

New Tank Syndrome: Before a tank has developed the appropriate chemistry to support healthy fish, heavy concentrations of nitrates and ammonium in the water can be fatal. In time, natural bacteria in the water will balance out these contaminants, but until that balance is achieved, fish may die unexpected.

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