Best answer: Is Green Lake good for fishing?

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife describes Green Lake as one of western Washington’s best urban trout fisheries. It’s not hard to see why. … The rest of the year doesn’t offer the same catch rates, but trout fishing is viable year-round at Green Lake thanks to the huge numbers of fish stocked every year.

Is Green Lake a good fishing lake?

Green Lake Park (Seattle Parks and Recreation) extends around the entire lake providing excellent shoreline access to anglers. In addition, fishing piers are located at the south, east and northeast shores of the lake and car-toppers can be launched from the shore as long as they are not motor-powered.

Is Greenlake open for fishing?

Green Lake is open to fishing year-around, and is typically stocked several times between mid-March and mid-June with a seasonal total of approximately 13,000 catchable-size rainbow trout. Milfoil is a nuisance, and can interfere with fishing from April through October.

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What kind of fish can you catch in Green Lake?

Fish include Panfish, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Trout, Walleye and Catfish. The lake’s water is moderately clear.

Where is the best place to fish in a lake?

If you plan to fish on a natural lake, look for spots along the shoreline that contain patches of aquatic vegetation such as lily pads or reeds. Any areas where you notice a change in the type or thickness of vegetation are good spots to focus on.

Does Green Lake have fish?

Green Lake is easily overlooked by fishermen working the streams and lakes along the Eastern Sierra. Tucked up a canyon near Bridgeport in Mono County, Green Lake has wonderful fishing for brook and rainbow trout.

How Deep Is Big Green?


Do you need a fishing license to fish in Greenlake?

Bass, Carp and Panfish Fishing

Common carp are an invasive species in Washington, and the state encourages fishing for them. There is no daily limit on carp, and anglers don’t even need a fishing license to take carp.

Can you fish at Beaver Lake?

Beaver Lake Fishing Hotspots & What You Need to Know

With 28,220 acres filled with a variety of fish, Beaver Lake is widely recognized as an incredible fishing spot. In addition to Stripers weighing up to 50 pounds, the lake is home to Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Crappie, Redear Sunfish, Blue Catfish, and more.

Is Green Lake saltwater or freshwater?

Green Lake is a freshwater lake in north central Seattle, Washington, within Green Lake Park.

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Why is green lake so deep?

Green Lake has a maximum depth of 237 ft (72 m), making it the deepest natural inland lake in Wisconsin and the second largest by volume. The lake covers 29.72 km2 (7,340 acres) and has an average depth of 30.48 m (100.0 ft).

Green Lake (Wisconsin)

Green Lake
Etymology Green appearance of the water
Part of Big Green Lake Watershed

How do you catch fish in Green Lake?

Lures: Small casting spinners and spoons.

This is the best setup to catch trout in Green Lake. Use a small egg sinker, bead and swivel. The leader should be 4 to 6 pound test and 3′ to 4′ long. Use a bait holder style hook to hold the Powerbait on.

Is Green Lake Catch and Release?

Green lake is also home to Rainbow Trout, Cutthroat Trout and Kokanee. … There are strict rules in place on Green lake to protect the Bull Trout. The use of bait is prohibited and barbless hooks are mandatory. There is also No Fishing Dec 1-Mar 31 and you must Release all fish.

What is the best bait for lake fishing?

Top Bait for Fishing in Freshwater Lakes

  • Leeches. Leeches are an ideal choice if you’re aiming to catch walleye or northern pike. …
  • Minnows. These baby fish are the quintessential freshwater bait. …
  • Insects. Insects can be purchased at most bait shops or caught on your own. …
  • Worms. …
  • Dough Balls. …
  • Clams and Mussels.


What smell attracts fish?

In response to a positive smell, bass generally will hold onto a worm emanating a positive scent for a longer time. This gives you an advantage of being able to get a good hook set and catching the fish. Three scents that appear to be positive scents are salt, anise, and garlic.

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Where do fish hide in lakes?

Lakes and ponds may have shoreline structures such as docks, logs, stump fields, brush, rock piles, grass beds, and downed trees that provide shelter, shade, and protection for fish.

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