Best answer: What is the price of 8mm Tata Tiscon Rod?

Products Prices starting from
Tata tmt bar 12mm price Rs.51000/MT
Tata tiscon 8mm price Rs.54000/MT
Tata tiscon 10mm price Rs.52500/MT

What is the price of Tata Tiscon Rod?

Questions & Answers on TATA TMT Bars

Material Min Price Max Price
Iron Rs 43000/Ton Rs 50000/Ton
Mild Steel Rs 41500/Ton Rs 45000/Ton

What is the price of 8mm rod?

8mm TMT BAR at Rs 40/kilogram | TMT Bars | ID: 14911365512.

What is the price of 10mm rod?

10 MM Steel Bar at Rs 36800/ton | Steel Bars | ID: 11176726748.

What is the weight of Tata Tiscon 8mm Rod?

Product Range

Size Weight per Mtr
8mm 0.395
10mm 0.617
12mm 0.88
16mm 1.58

What is the price of 12mm rod?

Price Range: Rs 22000-25000 per dia.

What is weight of 12mm steel rod?

12mm rod weight:- 12mm rod supplied in U shaped bent or straight, a length of about 12 metres or 40 feet, generally 12mm rod weight around 10.667kg/ piece, 0.889kg/m or 0.270 kg/foot.

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How many pieces of 8mm rod makes a ton?

210 pieces of 8mm reinforcement bar will give 1 ton.

How many rods are in a 8mm bundle?

Steel Calculation Of TMT Steel Bars

TMT Size TMT Weight per bundle TMT Rods per bundle
8mm 1 bundle 47.41 kg 10
10mm 1 bundle 51.85 kg 7
12mm 1 bundle 53.33 kg 5
16mm 1 bundle 56.89 kg 3

Which is the best steel for house construction?

TMT Steel or TMX steel is the best bet for house construction. They are the latest generation of reinforcement steel (high-strength and ductile than their predecessors) . They are graded as Fe415, Fe500, Fe500D, Fe550 i.e. yield strength of 415, 500 and 550 N/ sq mm respectively .

What is the price of 16mm rod?

16mm Tata Tiscon Mild Steel TMT Bar, For Manufacturing,Construction, 12 meter, Rs 1253 /piece | ID: 15041950662.

What is the length of 10mm iron rod?

Product Specification

Grade Fe 500
Unit Length 12 m
Size 10mm
Standard IS1786

Will steel prices go down in 2021?

While hot-rolled coil (HRC) in India is trading at around Rs 58,000 per tonne in April, the international steel prices are hovering around USD 735-740 per tonne since April 1, 2021. … Because of this, the consumption has increased; and until the stimulus packages are exhausted, these prices will not come down.

How do you calculate the weight of a rod?

If we put 1 meter length for each diameter of steel bar in the formula then we will get the unit weight.

  1. 6 mm ø bar = 6² x 1/162 = 0.222 kg/m.
  2. 8 mm ø bar = 8² x 1/162 = 0.395 kg/m.
  3. 10mm ø bar = 10² x 1/162 = 0.617 kg/m.
  4. 12mm ø bar = 12² x 1/162 = 0.888 kg/m.
  5. 16mm ø bar = 16² x 1/162 = 1.580 kg/m.
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What is the weight of 8mm steel bar?

Round bar weights

Bar Diameter (mm) Weight (kg/m)
6 0.22
8 0.39
10 0.62
12 0.89

How much is 10mm steel bar in Philippines?

PNS 275(ASTM / Grade40 Intermediate)

Size Inches Price/Kg
10mm 3/8″ 44
12mm 1/2″ 44
16mm 5/8″ 43.6
20mm 3/4″ 43.6
Big fishing