How do you catch king fish SoS FOMT?

You will not be able to catch any of the King Fish without a level 6 or higher fishing rod. This means you must have a cursed/blessed or mythic fishing rod. Each fish has its own special requirements, which is listed in the table below.

How do you catch a king fish in story of seasons?

There are 7 king fish in the game that you can only catch using a cursed/blessed or mythic fishing pole, charged up to level 6 or level 7. These fish are rare and some have special requirements to complete before they can appear. Once you catch a guardian fish, it will be tossed back into the water.

How do you get the fishing rod SOS FOMT?

The fishing rod is given to the player for free from Zack. After settling into Mineral Town, you can visit Zack’s house on Mineral Beach. Zack will give you the fishing rod during this visit. You can upgrade your tools by giving the appropriate ore and fee to Saibara at the blacksmith’s shop.

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How do you catch legendary fish in FOMT?

To fish you need to equip your pole then stand next to the water. After the hook goes and you see the bobber on the surface and when you jerk press the B button to reel it in. Sometimes you will catch garbage instead of fish, but don’t litter!

How do I get pirate treasure FOMT?

To get either the Pirate Treasure (Summer only) or the Ancient Fossil (Fall only) you need a fishing pole that is Cursed, Blessed, or Mythic. Both items are found only in the ocean.

How do you get mythic ore story of seasons?

The black Mythic Ore only appears in the rocks within the mine after you have collected all 6 cursed tools from the Lake Mine and have removed the curse from each tool to convert them into blessed-level tools. These stones can then be used to remodel your mithril tools to their mythic tool forms.

How do you cook in story of seasons?

To begin cooking you’ll need to upgrade your house. Gotts offers the first house remodeling option for 150 Lumber, 50 Stone, and 3000 G. He’ll take 3 days to upgrade your house to medium size. The house remodel will include the kitchen area and two cooking recipes: Sashimi and Zaru Soba.

What does the harvest goddess like FOMT?

Have the Harvest Goddess at a Red Heart Level

To achieve this you need to ensure that you need to give her gifts every day to keep raising her friendship level. Her favourite gifts are pineapples and strawberries. She will also happily accept any crop that you grow on your farm, including eggs and milk.

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How do you bless cursed tools?

To remove a cursed tool you will have to go to the Church and have Carter give a blessing on the tool to unequip it. The priest will give blessings when he’s in his confession booth on Mondays and Wednesdays between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm.

Where do you fish in harvest moon light of hope?


Fish Season Location
Piranha Any Farm, Mountain
Rainbow Trout Summer, Fall Farm, Mountain, Beach, Lighthouse
Redbelly Tilapia Spring, Summer Farm, Mountain, Beach, Lighthouse
Righteye Flounder Spring, Winter Beach, Lighthouse

How do you get to the Lake mine in Harvest Moon?

A Power Berry is buried at the 19th floor. During your 3rd year and beyond, you will be able to find a Teleport Stone on the 255th floor of the Spring Mine. This stone allows you to teleport anywhere you want on the map instantly, including the Lake Mine!

How do you get mythic tools in Harvest Moon?

Obtaining. The Mythic stones can be only found in the Spring Mine on any floor below 60. They will randomly appear after having all of your cursed tools blessed. They will not appear until your cursed tools have been blessed.

How do you get a van’s favorite?

Each time you access a shop, make a transaction (regardless of the number of items you buy), and then close the shop inventory, this counter increments by 1. When the counter reaches 10, a Van’s Favorite will be delivered to your mailbox the next morning.

How do you catch the big fish in Harvest Moon DS?

Your best bet is to use the tool necklace, which you can get from the sprite tree, the sprite you buy the records from, then stay at your house, then after you wake up use it with the fishing rod, best times are 6am-9am and 6pm-9pm, so by using the necklace in the morning you can fish forever because time does not pass …

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What can you do with Golden Lumber in Harvest Moon?

Purpose. The Golden Lumber, while useful on your farm has an incredibly negative effect. It makes for a wonderful fence on your field, as it does not wither or break. You will never have to replace the lumber.

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