How do you fish for flounder in Florida?

Big Flounder are taken mostly with live fish as bait. Finger Mullet are favorites everywhere. Smaller fish—and big ones at times—will also hit live or dead shrimp and cut baits. While most fish-imitating lures will take Flounder, jigs are the most productive.

What is the best bait to catch flounder?

Using live bait is essential for many flounder (fluke) fishermen around the country, and can be extremely effective for picky flounder (fluke). Shrimp, crabs, smaller flounder, sardines, shad, mullet, and mud minnows can all be great options for live bait.

What is the best time to fish for flounder?

“Fishing is best from October to December, when water temperatures fall below 72 degrees, because that seems to get flounder to stop moving,” says Sheka. “Drop-offs are the big key in shallow grass beds, as are points during a push of current.”

Where is the best flounder fishing in Florida?

The best places to find flounder in Florida are inlets; around docks; around tidal creek and river mouths that empty into salt water; sandy pot holes in grass flats and around near shore structure like piers, wrecks and reefs. Inlets are a great place to target flounder.

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Can you catch flounder year round in Florida?

Yes, you can catch flounder in the winter months but you will have to target them offshore or around near shore structure. … Florida is lucky because our water temperatures don’t get too low and many flounder can still be caught around the inlets and passes during the winter months.

Where do flounder hang out?

Where do they live? Flounder are saltwater fish that typically hang out close to the shore, along the Eastern Seaboard, as well as in estuaries, creeks, and rivers. Over the winter, they migrate to the ocean and don’t normally go back to shallow waters until springtime.

What size hooks for flounder?

A 5/0 to 7/0 circle hook is a good size for summer flounder fishing, where a traditional J-hook would be size 1/0.

What is the difference between summer flounder and winter flounder?

Easy: Winter Flounder are darker than Summer Flounder. They can look almost black – hence their nickname, “Blackback”. Summer Flounder are light brown with cream or whitish spots. Flounders are able to change color to match their surroundings, though, so their faces are the surest way to tell them apart.

Can you catch flounder at night?

Similar to catching a lot of other fish species like crappie or shrimp, catching flounder is quite exciting, especially when done at night! However, you may need different fishing techniques and specific gear for a successful trip.

Is flounder a good fish to eat?

Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits. Found at the bottom of oceans and seas, Pacific Flounder is an excellent fish to have for dinner as it provides an amazing taste and it is healthy.

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What is the best bait for fishing in Florida?

The top live baits for saltwater fishing in Florida are shrimp, shiners, pin fish and grunts, mullet, crabs, and sand fleas. These baits are readily available at Florida bait shops and many can be caught by anglers. They will catch every species of game fish throughout the state.

What is the size limit for flounder in Florida?

Florida Saltwater Fishing Regulations

Species Size Limit
Flounder 12″
Grouper – Black & Gag 24” Atlantic & Monroe County 22” Gulf (excluding Monroe County)
Grouper-Red 20″
Grouper- Yellowfin &Yellowmouth 20″

How big do Florida flounder get?

Gulf flounder can be caught along the entire Florida coastline and are the smaller of the two species averaging 12-13 inches in length when approaching maturity, growing to about 18 inches.

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