How do you float fish for Tench?

What’s the best way to catch Tench?

Top Ten Tench Fishing Tips

  1. Find the right venue. It might seem like an obvious one, but you can’t catch tench if they aren’t there! …
  2. Use your eyes for signs of fish. …
  3. Tench love weed. …
  4. Rake things up! …
  5. Check your nets and boots. …
  6. Lob one out there ! …
  7. Corn is a sweet bait. …
  8. Keep ’em feeding.


What line do you use for Tench?

I use 0.16mm main line on the reel, which has a breaking strain of 6.7lb, and a hook length of 0.15mm diameter (breaking strain of 4lb). Hook is a size 14, in my favourite red colour. Bait For Tench Tench are highly inquisitive and I always make sure I make a bit of noise when baiting up for them.

What’s the best bait to catch Tench?

The most effective baits include worms, black slugs, red maggots and casters, as tench are instinctively attracted to such baits. Bread flake, pellets, sweetcorn, prawns and boilies can also be used to catch tench.

Are Tench difficult to catch?

Very often tench can become harder to catch as the summer wears on. … I tend to switch to smaller baits, such as maggots, by about June when the tench can be more picky. It is also worth raking the swim lightly before fishing to disturb the natural insects on the bottom.

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When should I fish for Tench?

Prime time for ‘the doctor fish’ as old-time anglers christened tench starts in late March and the best is well passed when they start to spawn in mid-late July. Because the weather and water conditions can change so dramatically between the ‘Ides of March’ and June so must the way we approach a tench session.

What do Tench look like?

Tench have a stocky, carp-like shape and olive-green skin, darker above and almost golden below. The tail fin is square in shape. The other fins are distinctly rounded in shape. … The tench has very small scales, which are deeply embedded in a thick skin, making it as slippery as an eel.

Where can I find Big Tench?

You can find them in a variety of venues from small ponds to canals. But gravel pits give you the best chance of catching a specimen-sized tinca. These waters are often rich in natural food that the tench can grow big on.

What size is a specimen Tench?

It’s hard to define exactly what is considered a specimen-sized tench, but most anglers in the UK and in Europe would agree on fish that exceed 8lb of weight.

How do you target big Tench?

Keep bait regular and slowly build the swim. More tench will visit and you need to ensure they stay on your spot snuffling around feeding to take your hookbait. Keep your hookbait static on the bottom in this area and sure enough if the tench are present and feeding you are in for some action.

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What do Tench bubbles look like?

Tench look like a long fizzy stream and are smaller whilst Carp are larger, more random and it a patch. Not to be confused with bubbles formed when plant material breaks down and pockets of methane form till they’ll released by pressure of build up.

What time of year does Tench spawn?

Tench spawn later in the year than most other species, requiring warm water temperatures to spawn, so it is normally restricted to June and July with water temperatures needing to be between 18-24°C and sometimes into August during a cool British summer and starting in May if summer starts early, though this unusual.

How do you set up a float?

Pass an inch or two of line through the loop and pull the first float stop off the wire and onto the fishing line. Next thread the float onto the line, then a second rubber float stop. The float should now be trapped between the two float stops, slide all three 18 inches (45 cm) up the line.

How do I stop catching Tench?

The way to avoid the tench was to find the carp, that meant not fishing weed beds, but concentrating on gravel bars, the margins of islands, and accepting blanks. Prebaiting with big boilies, but fishing the same bait in smaller sizes would catch carp.

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