How do you hang ornaments from the ceiling with a fishing line?

Tie a length of fishing line to the ornaments to create a floating ornament effect throughout your home. Simply thread the line through the hole in the ornament where you would put a tree hook and then tie it in a knot.

How do you hang something from the ceiling with a fishing line?

Tie a piece of fishing line to one Command Hook, then tie the other end of the fishing line to the Command Hook on the opposite wall and cut the fishing line. Repeat this process with fishing line, creating a grid pattern on your ceiling.

Can fishing line be used to hang things?

Fishing line can be used to hang a picture in any situation where picture-hanging wire might be used, as long as the line is strong enough to support the picture. Line works just as well hanging from nails as it does from picture-rail hooks.

Can you use Command hooks on ceiling?

Get your party started with Command™ Ceiling Hooks. Hang paper lanterns, poms and other decorations from your ceiling and transform your room. And like all Command™ Products, they hold strongly and remove cleanly, so you can live it up without worrying about taking them down.

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How do you hang Christmas balls in the window?

How to hang Christmas ornaments in a window:

  1. Purchase an inexpensive tension rod to fit your window and place it inside your window frame.
  2. Attach a length of thread to each ornament, in varying lengths for visual interest.
  3. Tie a knot in the thread and set aside.


How do you hang styrofoam ball ornaments?

Once your Styrofoam ball is dry, stick a safety pin in the top of the Styrofoam ball then loop a string of yarn through the top of the safety pin and tie the yarn ends. Then your Styrofoam ball ornament is finished and ready for hanging on the tree!

How do you hang something from the ceiling without damaging it?

Alternatively, you can tie the loose end of the string or wire around a thumbtack and push the tack into the ceiling, or simply fasten ribbons or streamers directly to the ceiling with the tack. Neither tape nor tacks leave much of a mark, so you can take the items down later without any damage.

How do you hang fabric on ceiling without nails?

Start from one corner of your fabric and attach the velcro strips horizontally along the top width about 4 inches (10 cm) apart from each other. Make sure the top 2 corners have a velcro strip all the way to the edge. Stick the velcro strips to your wall to hang your fabric.

How do you hang snowflakes from ceiling without damaging it?

Cut about a foot and a half of fishing wire, tie or tape a snowflake to each side, and then hang the wire with snowflakes over a strand of your “web ceiling”, so both snowflakes hang down on either side. Do this for all of your snowflakes, and it will so much faster and easier to put them up and take them down!

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How do you hang art on a high ceiling?

If you have a two story high great room or entry foyer, keep pictures in the bottom half. If your have high ceilings don’t reach two stories, hang in the bottom two thirds. Also, when you have a lot of wall space, it’s better to hang up one large picture instead of many small ones.

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