How do you reinforce a closet rod?

How do you add support to a closet rod?

Drill two mounting holes into the stud; one that corresponds to the top of the end cap and one that corresponds to the bottom of the cap. Drill two holes into each cap that line up with the mounting holes. Mount the PVC end caps to the wall, using 2-inch wood screws, or longer. Insert the rod into the solid end cap.

How much weight can a wooden closet rod hold?

Never put more than 25-pounds of clothing on one of these rods or it will fail. The motorized version works with a remote control and can hold up to 60-pounds of clothing per rod.

How long can closet rods go without support?

If your closet rod is longer than 48 inches, you will need support. However, regardless of how long the closet rod is, if you’re hanging heavier items such as winter jackets, then you will want support no matter what.

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How do you support the middle of a closet rod?

Method 1 of 3:

Shift items to another closet entirely. Unpack hanging closet storage racks and multiple garment hangers, and hang each item individually. This distributes the weight more evenly across the closet rod. Or at the very least, hang heavy storage rocks near the ends of the rod where it’s less likely to sag.

How many closet rod supports do you need?

Short hanging items, such as skirts, blouses and folded pants, require rods attached 30- to 40-inches from the floor. A typical closet can include two levels of hanging rods. As a rule, place the top rod 80 to 82-inches up from the floor and the bottom rod about 40-inches up from the floor.

Is wood or metal better for closet rod?

Wood rods use a shelf support and a hook for the rod. Metal rods are integral to the shelf and are supported with various wall anchors. When supporting these, you will get more support and stability when you install into the studs, regardless of whether the rod is made of wood or metal.

What is the strongest closet rod?

Closet rods made from steel are chrome plated. In addition to being the strongest, they are also very resilient. Even after being overloaded they are likely to spring back to their original shape due to the resilient quality of steel. Stainless Steel is the next strongest material.

How much weight will a closet rod hold?

The same length of rod can hold 170 pounds if it’s made of 1 5/16-inch steel polished chrome. On average, jeans weigh 1 1/2 pounds, shirts 1/2 pound and suits 4 pounds.

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How far away from the wall should a closet rod be?

Determine Rod Placement

Measure for the distance away from the wall. A minimum of 10 inches is best, but it’ll depend on the size of your hangers. If there is a shelf above the rod, determine the vertical distance from the rod to the shelf; two inches should be suffice.

How do you support a shelf in the middle?

Making supports is easy, you just need to cut strips and glue or screw them in place. The best strips will run perpendicular to the shelf itself. Make these a couple inches tall, and have them run the entire width of the shelf. Two of these, placed it in thirds can add significant strength to a long wooden shelf.

How far apart should double closet rods be?

When installing double rods, hang the top rod 80 inches from the floor and the bottom rod 40 inches from the floor. Leave at least 3 feet of space between the two rods. These systems usually work best for skirts, blouses, shirts or pants folded over a clothes hanger.

What is the standard height for a double closet rod?

If installing a double-rod closet system, mount the top rod 81-¾ inches above the floor and the lower rod 40-½ inches above the floor.

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