How does a double drapery rod work?

Double curtain rods are used to give your windows a two-dimensional look; they allow you to combine two different colored curtains or fabric types. Two parallel rods, approximately 2-inches apart, are held in place by special mounting brackets. … In one hour or less, you can give your windows an elegant, stylish look.

What is the purpose of a double curtain rod?

Although very similar in design to single curtain rods, a double curtain rod allows you to layer more than one drapery panel or curtain for a more enhanced and dramatic look. Most typically, people layer a sheer curtain first and then a regular curtain on top to block out light.

How do double curtain rods work?

Double curtain rods use two poles, but only one bracket, which has two rod holders. The standard rule is to place the brackets two to four inches above the window. If you have very long drapes, the higher you placed the brackets, the taller the window will appear.

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Are double curtain rods worth it?

When used together, this layer of drapes gives the window and room a very distinct look. The best way to ensure that both drapes look and hang correctly is to use a double curtain rod. A double curtain rod allows the drapes to serve their purpose while keeping things nice and clean looking.

What is the difference between a curtain rod and a drapery rod?

Drapery rods and curtain rods are both used to hold up fabric. That is the main idea of the rods. Both are supported with hooks. The hooks for drapery rods are thicker to support the weight while the curtain rods are supported with slightly less.

How do you hang double curtains without a double rod?

There are several different methods you can use to hang your double curtains up without a double rod. These methods include using a bungee cord, curtain rings, or even coat hooks!

Can you put two sets of curtains on one rod?

To achieve this look, slide one panel of the main curtains onto the rod. Move it to the very end to create space for additional panels. After that, add one or two of the sheer panel on to the rod. The number you add depends on your taste.

Can you make a single curtain rod into a double?

Using double curtains are an inexpensive way to create a new look for a room. … However, many homeowners and renters have a single curtain rod, and do not know how to switch them to decorative double rods. Converting the window treatment is a simple process and requires only a conversion kit and about a half an hour.

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How do you hang a Kenney curtain rod?

  1. Position Bracket On Wall. Brackets are generally placed around three inches above the window frame and two inches outside the frame.
  2. Tap Nails Into Wall. Simply tap two nails into the wall for each bracket. …
  3. Hang Curtain & Rod On Brackets. Sheer curtains onto rod and set assembled curtain and rod onto Fast Fit brackets.

How do you hang a double curtain track?

How to Install

  1. Screw Double Brackets to the wall at required height.
  2. Loosen the screws underneath the brackets slightly.
  3. Insert the back track into the back section of each bracket and snap into place. Tighten the screws as you go.
  4. Repeat step 3 to fit the front track into front section of the bracket.

What type of curtains are in style 2020?

Trendy & modern curtain styles 2020

At the height of fashion are Roman, Japanese and Scandinavian curtains. Great idea: create a romantic atmosphere in the style of Provence (French country) will help Austrian and French curtains. As for the material of modern curtains in 2020, the designers offer a great variety.

How high do I hang curtain rod for 84 inch curtains?

The length of the curtain dictates the height of the rod. If you buy 84-inch-long curtains, the rod must be mounted roughly 84 inches from the floor if the curtains hang from the rod without rings. This lets the hem of the curtains brush the floor.

Should curtain touch the floor?

The fabric should just touch the floor or hover half an inch above. This is also a great approach for café curtains (short panels that cover only the lower portion of a window and hit the sill), which work well in spots like the kitchen and bathroom, where long drapes aren’t practical.

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