How much does a US Fish and Wildlife officer make?

State Employment (1) Annual mean wage (2)
Texas 480 $ 64,600
New York 400 $ 66,980
Tennessee 350 $ 69,640
California 350 $ 88,150

How do you become a US Fish and Wildlife officer?

Have at least one year work experience in the field of law enforcement and/ or natural resources OR have a four year course study leading to a bachelor’s degree or possess a bachelor’s degree with a major focus in natural resource management, natural sciences, park and recreation science, criminal justice or other …

What state pays Game wardens the most?

Table 1. Highest-paying States for Fish and Game Wardens (2020 Survey)

Rank State Average Salary i
1 New Jersey $90,470
2 Washington $85,330
3 California $84,250
4 Maryland $80,390

How much does a federal wildlife officer make?

Wildlife Officer Salary

Median Annual Salary: $57,710 ($27.75/hour) Top 10% Annual Salary: $80,140 ($38.53/hour) Bottom 10% Annual Salary: $40,090 ($19.28/hour)

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Where do US Fish and Wildlife officers work?

Federal Wildlife Officers – FWOs are the most conventional type of warden in the FWS system. Trained to perform duties similar to those of state and local wardens, they work at the service’s refuges, monuments, hatcheries, and field stations to manage the hunting, fishing, and recreational use of these properties.

Do game wardens have more power than cops?

They have the same authority as police officers and are authorized to enforce state laws just as any peace officer would. Game wardens can make arrests, write tickets, and seize property just as a city police officer can.

Is being a game warden dangerous?

Is being a Wildlife Officer dangerous? As with any other law enforcement career, being a Wildlife Officer can be dangerous. Wardens patrol alone, often in remote locations with minimal backup. Wardens receive specialized training in the Fish and Wildlife Academy which prepares them for these activities.

What is the best college for a game warden?

The most common colleges for students to pursue their goal of becoming a game warden are Pennsylvania State University and Sam Houston State University.

How long is the Game Warden Academy?

The Academy is approved by the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST). Cadets spend approximately 31 weeks in the Academy acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to prepare them for the various duties required of Wardens.

Is it hard to become a Texas Game Warden?

Becoming a state game warden in Texas is a challenging process. If you apply and you meet the minimum requirements, the state invites you to take a physical readiness test. If you score high, then you go through interviews and background checks, then get an invitation to attend the Game Warden Academy.

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Can a federal wildlife officer pull you over?

Does a wildlife game warden have the right to pull you over for speeding? In almost all cases, yes. In virtually every state, wildlife agents/game wardens are peace officers with all of the powers associated with that status. As such, a game warden can make a traffic stop for a violation and write a citation for it.

How hard is it to become a wildlife officer?

These courses are intensive, and may be followed by additional field training. As with other law enforcement roles, wildlife officers must be 21 years of age and U.S. citizens. Applicants will be subject to rigorous background checks and drug tests, and may be required to take polygraph tests.

Does US Fish and Wildlife drug test?

If your application is accepted, you will be notified of the written test date typically in December of each year. … After receiving your job offer, you must then pass a physical agility test, a swim test, a medical and psychological exam, drug testing and vision screening.

What guns do California game wardens carry?

Each warden is issued four firearms – two handguns, a 12-gauge shotgun and a semi-automatic rifle – and two dart weapons – one a pistol and the other a rifle. That’s on top of Tasers, pepper spray and other traditional law enforcement gear.

Whats the difference between a game warden and a conservation officer?

Conservation officers are tasked with checking the licenses and the bag limits of hunters and anglers and investigate areas where illegal hunting has been reported. … For example, game wardens in rural areas are often responsible for preventing illegal poaching and enforcing hunting laws.

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How much does a fish and game warden make in California?

The average salary for a fish and game warden in California is around $79,780 per year.

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