Is API General Cure safe for scaleless fish?

There are no warnings about scaleless fish on the particular product I used (API General Cure).

Is General cure safe for all fish?

API GENERAL CURE fish remedy is safe to use around aquatic turtles and snails, but is only intended to treat disease in fish.

How do you treat scaleless fish in parasites?


  1. Raise water temperature.
  2. Medicate for 10–14 days.
  3. Reduce medication when treating scaleless fish.
  4. Discontinue carbon filtration during treatment.
  5. Perform water changes between treatments.

Will API general cure hurt healthy fish?

Welcome to fishlore! Your fish loss is probably due to high nitrates rather than API general cure. High nitrates will cause lethargy and possibly white poop. If you had carbon in your filter it would have removed the treatment anyway so shouldn’t have effected the fish.

Is General cure safe for Nerite snails?

Yes. I used it a few days ago to rid my tank of gill flukes.

How often can I use API General Cure?

Use 2 packets every 48 hours when symptoms of fungal diseases appear. Directions: Directions: For best results, remove activated carbon or filter cartridge from filter and continue aeration. For each 10 gallons (38 L) of water, empty one packet directly into aquarium.

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How long can a fish live with internal parasites?

But, the fact is that ALL fish have internal parasites and so long as their parasite load is not excessive, this fact usually won’t affect their lifespan very much or at all. In an established aquarium, most fish very probably have a modest parasite load but they usually show no symptoms and live a normal life span.

What do I do if my fish has parasites?

What should I do?

  1. Treat using Anti Parasite Slime and Velvet.
  2. Support fish with Aquilibrium salt to aid their immune system.
  3. Test for water quality problems and treat accordingly.

Can you treat fish with parasites?

The safest and most effective treatment for fish flukes is Praziquantel. Treating the aquarium with formalin can also be effective.

Does API General Cure dissolve?

Assuming powder praziquantel can be dissolved in a large body of water (at least 10 gallons), then yes. General Cure also contains metronidazole, which is easily water soluble and treats internal/intestinal parasites.

Will Melafix affect healthy fish?

API® MELAFIX™ fish remedy treats these symptoms quickly and effectively, and reduces the risk of spreading disease to healthy fish.

Can general cure and Melafix be used together?

could you use this when quarantining fish? Answer: API suggests to use Melafix AND Pimafix together for Flukes and Parasitic Worms OR use General Cure for 7 days – what ever you treat with also add heat to 85-86 degrees to kill ICH along with Flukes and Parasites.

How fast does API general cure work?

Gen Cure took care of it in about 4-5 days, my fish put on weight and got more active. Pro Tip: Each Packet (there are 10) treats 10 gallons, but it can go a lot further if you mix it into a pellet fish food.

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Does API General Cure work on internal parasites?

The General Cure treats for internal parasites.

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