Question: Can I keep parrot fish with Oscars?

The parrot fish are usually good tank mates for other agressive fish like Oscars. If you have a big tank (think 150 gallons or larger), you can have many different South American fish with Oscars, because they are not really as mean as many people think they are.

Can you keep blood parrots with Oscars?

I’ve kept blood parrots with my Oscar for years, no problem. If you want to keep other fish with an Oscar, you will need 100+ gallons.

What kind of fish can you put with Oscars?

Given the requirements listed above, some of the best species for Oscar tank mates include catfish, Silver Dollar fish, Firemouth cichlids, Convict cichlids and blue acara. Avoid larger cichlids like Texas cichlid and terrors because these fish are likely to cause aggression problems in the tank.

Will Oscars kill other fish?

Finding the Right Size Tank

If you add fish to an Oscar’s tank that is less than 70 gallons, your Oscar will most likely bully and kill them. … To be on the safe side, and certainly when you put other fish in with him, you should purchase a tank that can hold more than 70 gallons.

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Can you put African cichlids with Oscars?

No, mixing African cichlids and Oscars is not recommended because of multiple reasons. They are from different continents and require different water parameters. Also, depending on the cichlids, they will fight to the death.

Why is my parrot fish attacking the other?

If you ever see two parrot fish kissing or fighting, this is most likely a display of territorial dominance. … And while they won’t be able to bite, they can push the other fish into rocks or other ornaments and cause a smaller fish harm. And like all other fish if they can fit it in their mouth they will eat it.

What is the life span of a parrot fish?

There are about 60 species of parrotfish that live in reefs all around the world, but they all generally live about 5-7 years and grow to 1-4 feet in length.

Can angel fish live with Oscars?

Yes, angelfish and Oscars can live together, although their size differences may pose an issue. Since Oscars are typically more massive, they tend to be aggressive towards angelfish. To increase the chances of coexistence, provide them with a large tank and a sufficient amount of vegetation for hiding spots.

Can 2 Oscar fish live together?

Oscars can be kept together, and this is usually the safest option. Just make sure to follow the stocking guidelines mentioned above. Their need for territory can cause them to attack tank mates. Make sure they have lots of space as this reduces territory disputes.

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Do Oscar fish recognize their owners?

And they can recognize their owners.

This is the reason they are also known as water dog or river dog. When Oscar fish are small they look similar to puppies.

What do Oscar fish like in their tank?

In the tank, Oscar fish like temperatures between 71 to 84° Fahrenheit, pH between 6 to 8, and hardness between 5 to 20 dH. Besides, Oscar fish like a larger tank. And you can add plants, tankmates and decorations to emulate their natural habitat.

How do I calm my Oscar fish down?

In some instances, revising things in the tank, i.e., moving decorations, wood, rocks can help decrease aggression because nature can have a positive effect on these fish. This may allow the other fish to find a territory for themselves instead of getting singled out wherever they are in the tank.

Are my Oscars fighting or mating?

Common breeding signs to look for in Oscars include lip locking between mates, frequent chasing of each other through the aquatic environment, shivering or shaking that is usually accompanied by tail lashing, and even nipping and biting that can result in the violent removal of strips of flesh.

Can Oscar fish bite you?

Oscar fish do bite you. … However, you don’t have to worry much about Oscar fish bite as Oscar fish teeth cannot do any severe damage to your hand. Oscar fish teeth are strong enough to break through the skin but biting through the bone is less likely for sure.

Can I mix cichlids?

Mixing cichlids is a bit like mixing people. There are passive ones, aggressive ones, territorial ones, womanising ones, even wife-beating ones. They like different foods and different surroundings, so when we throw them together under the general “cichlid” banner we get problems.

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Can you mix African and American cichlids?

If a tank is big enough then more than one type of species could be kept together, but it will be risky. If you are keeping multiple species don’t mix African with South American. … Smaller species are usually less aggressive, and if they are from the same area then they can tolerate the same conditions.

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