Question: What are the different grades of threaded rod?

There are three grades: A, B, and C*, which denote tensile strength, configu- ration, and application. Refer to the Mechanical Properties Chart for the subtle strength differences within each grade. Grade A Headed bolts, threaded rods and bent bolts intended for general applications.

What is a Grade 5 threaded rod?

The stronger and more heat resistant Grade 5 threaded rod is made of medium carbon steel quenched and tempered. It is classified as ASTM A449. ASTM A354 is the classification for Grade 8 threaded rod, made of high-strength steel quenched and tempered.

Is there Grade 8 threaded rod?

Grade 8 steel threaded rods are about 25% stronger than medium-strength steel rods. … Black-oxide steel threaded rods have a dark surface color and are corrosion resistant in dry environments.

What grade is all thread rod?

There are three grades within this specification, 36, 55, or 105. These grade numbers represent the minimum yield strength (ksi) requirement of the anchor bolt.

What is Grade 5 all thread?

Grade 5 is made of medium carbon steel which is quenched and tempered at 800 degrees Fahrenheit (F). This is one of the stronger materials and is more heat resistant than low carbon steel; though it is still not as strong as B7 or Grade 8.

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What is the strongest all thread?

B7 is one of the strongest materials that AATP carries for threaded rod and comes in any length up to 12 feet.

What is the tensile strength of 1/2 threaded rod?

Left Hand – Coarse Threaded Rods

Dia/Thread Size Length Tensile Strength
Dia/Thread Size Length Tensile Strength
5/16″-18 6 ft 60000 psi
3/8″-16 6 ft 60000 psi
1/2″-13 6 ft 60000 psi

How much weight can a 3/8 threaded rod hold?

A 3/8” diameter rod has a cross sectional area of 0.14 square inches, so it could support, before failing, about 7,000 pounds! A threaded rod would probably be a little less, but still, that’s 3.5 tons. With a safety factor of 3, the rod could support 2,000 lbs.

What is the metric equivalent to Grade 8?

Metric Bolt Conversion

Metric Nut Class SAE J429 Normally Used ASTM Grades
5.8 5 .
8.8 8 A325,A449
9.8 9 A193,B7 and B16
10.9 10 or 12 A490,A354, Grade 8D

How do I specify a threaded rod?

When specifying a threaded rod, the length comes after the class of fit. The two are commonly separated by an “x” (read as “by”). Length should be in units of inches for Inch-Standard fasteners and millimeters for Metric fasteners.

Are threaded rods stronger than bolts?

Because the minor diameter (root) of the threads is significantly less than the full-size diameter of the unthreaded shank on a headed bolt, the rod with nut often breaks at a much lower strength than a headed bolt.

What is ASTM A307 Grade A?

ASTM A307 Grade A is a standard material specification for medium strength carbon steel fasteners specially bolts, studs and threaded rods for general purpose applications. Grade A is a heat treated carbon steel bolting material with minimum tensile requirement of 60 ksi and hardness range from 121 to 241 BHN.

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What does ASTM A307 mean?

ASTM A307. Covers the mechanical and material requirements for inch series fasteners in diameters from 1/4″ through 4″, made of carbon steel having a minimum tensile strength of 60,000 psi. ASME B18.2.1. Covers the complete general and dimensional data for multiple types of inch series square and hex bolts and screws.

Is all thread weldable?

In general the materials are weldable, but you might have to follow pre-heat and post-heat procedures to control thermal response. Grade B7 is quenched and tempered, so you might not want to weld on that, depending on your application.

Is A307 a Grade 5?

A307 bolts by AISC ASTM designation are common bolts. Our superintendent went to get “A307” bolts as designated by the engineer on his structural plans, and they tell him they are no longer made and only carry Grade 5 bolts.

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