Question: What’s the difference between grommets and rod pockets?

What is the difference between Grommet and pocket rod style, and which do I want? Grommet style is also known as eyelet. … If you have curtain rods you would rather cover, or if you are hanging your curtains inside your window frame, you are best off with pocket rod style curtains.

What is a rod pocket?

The most classic and common of all methods of hanging curtains, a rod pocket is a sewn-in pocket, or casing, at the top of a curtain panel that easily slips over a rod and conceals it. Curtain panels hung this way bunch nicely and have a simple, casual look.

What do rod pocket curtains look like?

Rod pocket curtains, also called pole top or casement curtains, are a classic, and classy, way to hang drapery. A casing sewn onto the back of the curtain panel at the top allows the rod to slip through unseen. Panels bunch in gathers on the rod for a soft look with clean lines.

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Should grommets match rod?

Of course you can’t! Totally against the law. Someone might call the curtain/curtain rod police and then you’re in big trouble! … Or, take your curtain to the store and match the color of the grommets to paint the rod.

Are grommet curtains better?

Grommet Curtains

They’re especially good for wide windows or sliding glass doors where heavy fabric can be difficult to open. … Grommets have a contemporary look, so they may not be the best choice if your décor is very traditional. They look great with solid fabrics or geometric patterns.

What does 3 rod pocket mean?

A 1 ½” rod pocket should be used on a standard 1” curtain rod or with a decorative rod 13/16” diameter or smaller. A 3” rod pocket should be used on a standard 2 ½” continental or dauphine rod or on a decorative rod 1 3/8” – 1 ½ ” diameter.

What does 3 inch rod pocket mean?

Curtain Rod Pockets

Our Lace Window Treatments and Window Tiers usually have this size pocket. A 3 inch pocket will accept a 2 1/2 inch continental curtain rod or a 1 1/2 inch diameter round decorative rod. Most of our Curtains and Drapes have this size pocket. … Tabs and grommets do not hide the curtain rod.

What type of curtains are in style 2020?

Trendy & modern curtain styles 2020

At the height of fashion are Roman, Japanese and Scandinavian curtains. Great idea: create a romantic atmosphere in the style of Provence (French country) will help Austrian and French curtains. As for the material of modern curtains in 2020, the designers offer a great variety.

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How do you hang curtains without a rod?

To maintain the formal look of pleated curtain panels without having to install a curtain rod, use hook eye screws.

  1. Insert drapery pins across the top of your curtain panel.
  2. Measure the width of the curtain along the top edge and note the distance between the pins.
  3. Mark the pin positions above the window with a pencil.


What are the easiest curtains to open?

Ring-top panels are very easy to open and close. As the name suggests, ringed panels hang from rings (also called grommets) that are either attached to the top of the fabric panel or inserted into the fabric near the top edge.

What color should my curtain rod be?

White or neutral: If your room is mostly white with little contrast, a white curtain rod will blend in nicely. Bright and contrasting accent colors: Select a color that matches with the rest of your accent décor. If your room is mostly neutrals with dark wood accents, select darker curtain rods that match.

What curtain rods do designers use?

Best ready-made rods

  • Prism-Finial Drapery Rod. From $30. …
  • Project 62 Dauntless Curtain Rods. …
  • Simple Metal Rod, Antique Bronze. …
  • Black Marble Finial Curtain Rod Set .75-Inch Diameter. …
  • Crystal Glass Curtain-Rod Set. …
  • Dakota Extension Rod — Soft Iron. …
  • Dakota Ball Finials (Set of Two) — Soft Iron. …
  • Mid-Century Wooden Rod — Wood/Brass.


Where is the best place to buy curtain rods?

  • Here are the best places to buy curtain rods in 2021.
  • Bed Bath & Beyond.
  • Lowe’s.
  • Target.
  • West Elm.
  • The Shade Store.
  • Curtain rod FAQs.
  • See more great home guides.
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Can you hang grommet curtains on hooks?

Grommet drapes have grommets installed through the top of the material, so the drapes install directly on the curtain rod rather than clip to curtain rings or attached with drapery hooks. … Hanging grommet drapes on a wire drapery system can make your drapes appear to float along the wall.

What kind of curtain rod do I need for grommet curtains?

Sizing. A grommet that is 1/4 inch larger than the rod diameter slides smoothly along the rod. For example, a common 1 5/8-inch grommet glides over a 1 3/8-inch diameter rod.

Why do my curtains look cheap?

The biggest reason store-bought curtain panels often look cheap, is they aren’t wide enough for the windows they’re dressing (see photo above). Most curtain panels are just decorative- they don’t ever get drawn shut because the window has blinds on it. … Now you could buy or make expensive custom window treatments.

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