Quick Answer: How were the humming fish affected?

The Humming Fishs are first seen when the Once-ler came to the Truffula Tree forest and began to sing to greet him. … Later they watch in horror and sadness as the Once-Ler (under the influence of his greedy and lazy relatives) cuts down all the trees and pollutes the lakes and rivers in which they swim in.

Why did the humming fish leave?

Humming Fishes are shown to be pretty laid-back, humming peacefully in the rivers, but that’s before The Once-ler destroyed their home by his factory’s “Gluppity Glup” and “Schloppity Schlop” pipes that produce toxic liquid to the rivers where the humming fishes live, thus they were shown leaving the now wasteland …

How did the factory affect the humming fish?

Humming Fish – pollution from the factories (Glupity Glup and Schlopity schlop) has blocked up the gills so they cannot hum. They have to leave.

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How did the smoke affect the Swomee swans?

The smogulous smoke that spewed into the air from his Thneed factory made the Lorax “cough, whiff, sneeze, snuffle, snarggle, sniffle, and croak.” The beautiful Swomee swans were no longer able to sing, so the Lorax sends the birds away to find cleaner air.

How were the bar-ba-loots affected?

As the Truffula trees were chopped down the Bar-ba-loots lost the food, and arrangement in their habitat. He warns the greedy Once-ler that cutting them down will result in disaster.

What are 3 words the once-ler used to describe the Lorax?

What are 3 words the Once-ler used to describe the Lorax? OT dish, brownish, mossy. air, trees, and pond. 5.

Did the once-ler have real progress?

Did the Once-ler have real progress? Why or why not? He did have real progress in the beginning because he was able to make thneeds at a fast rate while still having truffula trees for resources. But then when the truffula trees began to dwindle as a result of the pollution, the Once-ler had to shut down his business.

What does the humming fish represent?


The Humming Fish from The Lorax represent all consequences of unmitigated water pollution. All this effected the aquatic animals in Lake Erie.

Did the once-ler stop making Thneeds when the Swomee-swans and the humming fish left?

Did the Once-ler stop making Thneeds after the Swomee-Swans and Humming-Fish had left? No 9. After the last Truffula Tree was gone and The Lorax left, what did the town look like? A pile of rocks under the smog smuffered stars.

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What is the Lorax’s attitude at the end of the story?

The Lorax’s attitude at the end of the story is defeat. He has lost the battle, he has no choice but to leave, he had to send everyone away to survive and there is nothing left to save.

What 3 technology did the once-ler invent?

At the beginning and end of the show, The Once-ler is seen as only glowing eyes and green hands. At the end of Act 1, we see the machine The Once-ler has invented to chop down trees very quickly – the Super Axe Hacker.

What did the Lorax want to know of the once-ler?

2. What was the Lorax trying to tell the Once-ler? … The Lorax, who speaks for the trees, was trying to warn the Once-ler that in his rush to make thneeds, he wasn’t taking care of the environment or the animals that lived there. He asked the Once-ler to please think about the harm he was causing by making his thneeds.

How long does it take a Truffula seed to grow into a full tree?

“According to the Lorax, it takes ten months for a seed to germinate, ten years to sprout into a sapling, and another ten years for the tree to become fully grown” (seuss.fandom.com/wiki/Truffula_Tree). Truffula trees also bear a fruit resembling grapes, the primary diet of the Bar-ba-loots.

What was the one word that the Lorax left?

The Lorax said nothing but with one sad backward glance lifted himself into the air “by the seat of his pants” and disappeared behind the smoggy clouds. Where he last stood is a small pile of rocks with a single word: “UNLESS”.

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Why do you think the once-ler did?

The Once-ler answers that once the world was beautiful, containing a wide variety of happy animals that lived among beautiful “Truffula trees.” The Once-ler cut down the trees because they were excellent material to make products he invented called “Thneeds.” The “Thneeds” became a huge marketing success, forcing him …

Can the Lorax fly?

Before the Once-ler chops down that first Truffula Tree, the Lorax doesn’t need to be in the forest. … Not only can this guy pop out of trees, he can also lift himself up by his own seat and fly.

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