What does clipped mean in fishing planet?

What does clipped mean fishing planet?

You can set a line clip on Feeder/Bottom rods to limit your casting range. Say for instance you can cast 250 feet with your rod/reel/line combo but due to the size of the location your fishing at or because of where your target area is you only want to cast 140 feet.

How do you unclip line in fishing planet?

Use Jighead 1/3 Oz, #1/0 Hook and put a Glow in the dark Worm 2″ on, fish at night. Don’t even have time to use my minnow rods anymore since the Lure rod just gets bite after bite. Cast out and let worm sink all the way to bottom and let it sit there for 5 seconds or so. Then stop and go retrieve.

How do you reel faster in fishing?

Once a fish is hooked, Reel Speed is automatically increased to maximum speed (+4) and you begin to actually catch the fish. Reel Speed may be changed by spinning the middle mouse wheel up or down.

How many fish are in fishing planet?

143 species of fish with realistic behavior. 19 beautiful water locations with authentic backgrounds and vegetation. Thousands of tackle combinations possible, each with unique properties. Dynamic weather with a day/night cycle and different seasons.

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How do you lure fish in fishing planet?

Small spoons, spinners, and jigs are excellent lures for locating fish. Once located, you can then work with different size, color and type of bait to entice the larger fish to take your offering. Always make sure to adjust your rod, reel, and line size to match the size lure and fish you are trying to catch.

What is a match rod fishing planet?

The GreenBeer® match rod is one real leprechaun trap for your trophy monster. … This unique champion-potential rod is a mighty powerful fishing tool exclusively designed in the style and color theme of Mighty Carp Tour – all to make sure you’re armed with the best equipment for catching this tricky critter!

What is drag in fishing planet?

Most important part is the drag mechanism, a mechanical means of applying variable pressure to the line spool or drive mechanism in order to act as a friction brake against it. This supplies resistance to the line after hook-up to aid in landing the fish without the line breaking.

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