What does the phrase bigger fish to fry mean?

The idioms other fish to fry and bigger fish to fry mean that the speaker has something more important to work on or other things he would rather do.

What does bigger fish to fry mean?

or have bigger fish to fry. to not be interested in something because you have more important, interesting, orprofitable things to do.

Where does the expression have bigger fish to fry come from?

It can be said that the police officer has bigger fish to fry than the shoplifter because he is chasing down a murderer. The expression is attested from the year 1660 in the work titled Memoirs written by John Evelyn.

What does the idiom have other fish to fry mean?

If you have other fish to fry or have bigger fish to fry, you have something more important, interesting, or profitable to do. … For example, if someone has their own fish to fry, they are not interested in doing something because they have business of their own to deal with.

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What is a sentence for have another fish to fry?

1) Owen had other fish to fry and for the next two days he was busy on other things. 2) And Landless had just told him on the telephone that he had other fish to fry. 3) I’m not going with you, I have other fish to fry. 4) If you’ll excuse me, I have other fish to fry.

Is there a metaphor in bigger fish to fry?

Bigger Fish To Fry Meaning

The idiomatic expression “bigger fish to fry” means that you have more pressing and important matters to attend to and that the current matter is trivial in comparison.

What the meaning of full of beans?

informal. 1 : full of energy and life We were young and full of beans. 2 US : not correct or truthful : full of nonsense If that’s what he’s been saying, then he’s full of beans.

What is an example of a bigger fish to fry?

Example Sentences

It’s really not worth my time. I’ve got bigger fish to fry! I want Tom to help me with this project, but he claims he has bigger fish to fry right now.

What does bigger fish mean?

To have more important or more interesting things to do or attend to. It’s really not worth my time. I’ve got bigger fish to fry!

What type of figurative language is bigger fish to fry?

America Forward

Phrase Intended meaning
“I have bigger fish to fry” Having more important things to do
“The straw that broke the camel’s back” Reaching the final limit of capacity
“Like lambs to the slaughter” Keeping quiet about the dangers that may lie ahead
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What fish is best to fry?

Your Best Options For Frying

  • Alaskan Cod. Alaskan cod is often used in America’s restaurants for fish and chips because it takes perfectly to the breading and high temps used in frying. …
  • Tilapia or Catfish. If cod isn’t your style, try farm-raised tilapia or catfish. …
  • Local Options.


What is the meaning of the idiom to play second fiddle?

To play a supporting or minor role in relation to someone else: “Tired of playing second fiddle, she resigned and started her own company.” In an orchestra, the position of second violinist (fiddle) is not as glamorous as that of first violinist.

What does straight from the horse’s mouth mean?

If you hear something (straight) from the horse’s mouth, you hear it from the person who has direct personal knowledge of it. Experiencing and suffering.

Has been or had been?

“Had been” is used to mean that something happened in the past and has already ended. “Have been” and “has been” are used to mean that something began in the past and has lasted into the present time.

What is the meaning of fish in troubled waters?

UK. to try to win an advantage from a difficult situation or from someone else’s problems.

What do the following Texas idioms mean many fish to fry?

Definition: (Also have bigger fish to fry; have more important fish to fry)to have other things to do; to have more important things to do.

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