What fish will eat goldfish?

What eats a goldfish?

– High risk predators are those that are known to prey without hesitation on pond fish, including koi and goldfish.

  • 1) Herons.
  • 2) Domestic & Feral Cats.
  • 3) Raccoons.
  • 1) River Otters.
  • 2) Opossums.
  • 3) Birds of Prey.
  • 4) Snakes.
  • 1) Wild & Domestic Dogs.


What type of fish can live with goldfish?

7 Best tank Mates For Goldfish

  1. Rosy Barbs (Pethia conchonius) Care Level: easy. …
  2. Zebra Danios (Danio rerio) …
  3. Giant Danios (Devario aequipinnatus) …
  4. White Cloud Mountain Minnows (Tanichthys albonubes) …
  5. Dojo Loach (Misgurnus anguillicaudatus) …
  6. Banded Corydoras (Scleromystax barbatus) …
  7. Platy (Xiphophorus maculatus)

Do other fish eat goldfish?

Goldfish by nature are not aggressive, and are not predatory. The short answer would be, “No, they don’t eat each other”.

Can goldfish kill other goldfish?

Goldfish don’t fight. They are not territorial so they are no interest in killing each other. But they don’t mind eating anything that is smaller than their mouth and slow enough to catch. Now if there is one or several Goldfish chasing after another that means they are trying to make.

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Will frogs eat my goldfish?

Frogs do indeed eat goldfish -but only younger, littler goldfish, or those that swim too slowly. They will leave alone goldfish that are larger. Frogs also do not generally eat Orfe or Koi.

Is it safe to swallow a live goldfish?

Swallowing goldfish poses little health risk, and the fish are hardly rare or endangered. In other parts of the world, live seafood remains a delicacy rather than a crime.

Do goldfish recognize owners?

Why your goldfish might be able to spot you in a crowd: Scientists show fish are capable of remembering and recognising human faces. He may have a fondness for swimming in circles. … However, researcher Cait Newport said it is possible the skill extends to other species, meaning pet goldfish may remember their owners.

What size tank do I need for 2 goldfish?

Now, in terms of 2 common goldfish, you will want to have a tank that is at least 42 gallons large. The minimum for a single common goldfish is 30 gallons, with our recommendation being 40 gallons. However, for each additional goldfish, you will need an additional 12 gallons of water.

Will angelfish kill goldfish?

Will Angelfish Kill Goldfish? Angelfish do get aggressive at times for a variety of reasons. But it’s extremely unlikely that an angelfish will kill a goldfish. While they do nip from time to time, they are mostly peace-loving and will do well in any community aquarium.

Can I put small goldfish in with big goldfish?

Keeping at least two goldfish in an aquarium is recommended to provide companionship and promote activity. Solitary fish can exhibit depression and lethargy. Goldfish are generally not aggressive so they can be kept with most community fish provided the other fish are larger than the size of the goldfish’s mouth.

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Will a big goldfish kill a small goldfish?

Yes. They have no inhibitions against cannibalism at all. However, a goldfish generally will only eat other fish that are small enough to fit in its mouth.

How many babies do goldfish have?

How many babies do goldfish have? A goldfish can lay anywhere from a few hundred up to 1,000 eggs at a time. However, some of these eggs do not get fertilized, some do not develop, and others may not hatch.

What do goldfish like to play with?

Goldfish are known to entertain themselves by playing with aquatic plants and/or finding tunnel-like spots to swim through or into. This is seen as a source of entertainment for them and is a common sight when a goldfish is happy.

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