What kind of fish are at Lake Pleasant?

Is there good fishing at Lake Pleasant?

Lake Pleasant has also produced record white crappie and trophy largemouth bass. The Arizona Game and Fish Department consider the bluegill fishing the best in the state.

What fish does Lake Pleasant have?

White Bass, Striped Bass, Large Mouth Bass, Bluegill, White Crappie, Black Crappie, Bigmouth Buffalo Fish, Channel Catfish, Flathead Catfish, Green Sunfish, Redear Sunfish and Tilapia.

What are the fish biting on at Lake Pleasant?

In the morning largemouth bass and stripers will chase shad around points and along the rocky cliff walls. Largemouth bass, white bass and crappie will hold over submerged brush during the day. Night fishing is great for catfish and stripers.

How much does it cost to fish at Lake Pleasant?

Per Vessel: $4/day motorized, $2/day non-motorized.

Can you eat fish from Lake Pleasant?

You can still eat these fish, but the state is advising a weekly cap on how much–- 2.4 ounces or less per week for adults. That goes for largemouth bass in Apache Lake, striped bass in Lake Pleasant and flathead catfish in Bartlett Lake.

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What is the deepest point of Lake Pleasant?


What is the water level at Lake Pleasant?

Water stored in Lake Pleasant comes from two main sources: the Colorado River via the CAP canal and runoff from the Agua Fria River.

Data as of 2021-06-22 at 12:25.

Lake Pleasant Water Surface Elevation 1684.92 ft
Waddell Plant Pumping(+)/Releasing(-) Flow -2557 cfs

Is Lake Pleasant man made?

Lake Pleasant is an artificial lake that acts as a a major storage facility for Colorado River water.

What is a ned fishing rig?

The Ned rig is a finesse fishing technique that involves using small plastic worms, craws, or creatures paired with a light mushroom style head so it can easily float off the bottom. This rig was originally created by outdoor writer Ned Kehde and popularized in the Midwest – so the name Ned rig stuck because of him!

How many fish are in Lake Pleasant?

To date, Lake Pleasant is home to 12 species of fish: White Bass. Striped Bass. Large Mouth Bass.

Does Lake Pleasant have a bait shop?

“Hands down, the best tackle shop in Arizona!” –

Unlike the big box stores located in the city centers, The Hook Up Tackle & Fly Shop is located on the shores of Lake Pleasant, in-between Phoenix and Sedona.

Does Lake Pleasant have crawfish?

The Arizona Fishing Guides: Lake Pleasant. Fish: Largemouth Bass, Small mouth Bass, Crappie, Sunfish, Catfish (Channel), Catfish (Flathead), and Carp. … Thanks to the huge population of threadfin shad and crawfish this lake contains, the bass in Bartlett Lake are ready to bite and pull some drag!

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Why is Lake Pleasant dangerous?

For an inexperienced swimmer, the lake can be a place where trouble lurks only a few feet down. In spots it can get down to 300 feet deep. But you have to go a few feet down before you find yourself swimming in cooler water than the surface and that can sometimes causes a swimmer to gasp for air unexpectedly.

Can you drink alcohol at Lake Pleasant?

Drink Responsibly: Although most water-safety organizations warn lake-goers to avoid caffeinated and alcoholic drinks, those who choose to imbibe alcohol should do so responsibly. … Remember to always be sure to have enough life jackets in your water craft for everyone on board. It’s important to be safe at all times!

Can you go swimming at Lake Pleasant?

Lake Pleasant is one of the major places to scuba dive in Arizona. There are clubs that dive there and boat excursions. Swimming is at your own risk. No lifeguarded beaches are located at Lake Pleasant.

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