What kind of fish are in Alabama?

What types of fish are in Alabama?


  • Bream (Sunfish) – rock bass, flier, shadow bass, warmouth, redbreast, bluegill, longear, and redear (shellcracker).
  • Crappie – black and white crappie.
  • Temperate Bass – saltwater striped, white, and yellow bass and any hybrids thereof.
  • Pickerel – chain, redfin, and grass pickerel.

What is the official fish of Alabama?


State Fish Year
Alabama Largemouth bass (fresh water) 1975
Fighting tarpon (salt water) 1955
Alaska King salmon 1962
Arizona Apache trout 1986

How many species of fish are in Alabama?

Watercress Darter Alabama’s numerous freshwater rivers, reservoirs, streams, springs, and lakes are home to more than 450 fish species in 29 families—the most found in any other state or province in North America.

Are pike fish in Alabama?

Chain Pickerel – Found throughout Alabama, chain pickerel are the largest native pike in Alabama. Redfin Pickerel – Anglers are not likely to encounter this species, since it usually inhabits small streams.

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Where is the best crappie fishing in Alabama?

Eufaula is a factory for crappie fishing in Alabama, in the southeast portion of the state. The big reservoir on the Chattahoochee River attracts anglers from around the region, including many from Georgia and Florida. However, District IV Fisheries Supervisor Ken Weathers said other good possibilities exist.

What wild animals are in Alabama?

  • American Badger.
  • American Mink.
  • Black Bear.
  • Bobcat.
  • California Sea Lion.
  • Cougar.
  • Coyote.
  • Eastern Spotted Skunk.

Which state has the best fish?

Alaska. With some of the most impressive species of fish and the grandest sights you can find on the planet, Alaska is an absolute perfect location for anyone who is passionate about angling.

What is Alabama known for?

The state is known for its iron and steel natural resources, Southern hospitality, sweet tea, and football—especially the fierce rivalry between the Auburn Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide.

What state does not have bass?

News of this unusual catch spread quickly across the internet. There are no native bass species in Alaska. The nearest bass populations are over 1,000 miles away. So, how on earth did it get in Sand Lake?

How deep is Fish River Alabama?

There are at least a half-dozen outside river-bend holes up to 20 feet deep. There are shallow points where they can get behind to escape the current and also use as ambush points to attack prey swept past.

What kind of catfish are in Alabama?

  • Blue Catfish.
  • Bullhead.
  • Channel Catfish.
  • Flathead Catfish.
  • White Catfish.
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Are there walleye in Alabama?

“Alabama is the natural range for the southern walleye,” McKee said. “They are native only to the Mobile Drainage so Mississippi and Alabama are the only states where they are found.” Few anglers realize that walleye live in Alabama waters.

Do pike live in Tennessee?

There are two species of pike commonly sought by anglers, the muskellunge and the pickerel. The muskellunge occurs as two distinct strains. The first is native to streams in the northern portion of the Cumberland Plateau. It has been reintroduced to several other streams in middle and eastern Tennessee.

Do pickerel bite humans?

No, it could not. Its teeth are simply not strong enough to bite through a human finger bone. Technically, the larger teeth could penetrate through to a bone in your finger, but they could not bite them off. … Do not try to instinctively pull out your finger or hand, but try to open the pike’s mouth again first!

How much is Alabama State fishing license?

Alabama Hunting & Fishing

Category License Type Fee
Sport Fishing License Freshwater: Annual* $13.55
Saltwater: Annual* $23.80
Saltwater: 7-Day Trip $9.95
Public Fishing Lakes Daily Fishing License (see Public Fishing Lakes) Public Fishing Lakes $6.20
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