What kind of reel is best for saltwater fishing?

Do you need a special reel for saltwater?

Yes, you absolutely can use freshwater reels for some types of saltwater fishing! … That’s because freshwater reels are not made to withstand the damaging effects of saltwater, nor do they usually have the size to handle the bigger fish that roam the oceans.

What is the best rod and reel for saltwater fishing?

​Best Saltwater Fishing Rod And Reel Combos

  • ​​Penn Squall Level Wind Combo.
  • ​​Penn Battle II Combo.
  • ​​Penn Fierce II Combo.
  • ​​Plussino Telescopic Combo.
  • ​​Sougayilang Kit.
  • ​​Penn Pursuit II & III Combo.
  • ​​Okuma Tundra Surf Combo.

Can you use Lews reels in saltwater?

The Lew’s Mach 2 is a nice reel. You can certainly use it in salt or brackish water. However if you do, be sure to rinse it thoroughly with fresh water after each use (a garden hose works nicely) and also keep up with the mfr’s recommended lubrication schedule.

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Is it bad to use a freshwater fishing rod for saltwater?

Light tackle saltwater rods can be used in freshwater, but you would not want to use a freshwater rod in a saltwater environment because freshwater rods and fishing gear may not be made with the corrosion-resistant guides or components that saltwater rods are.

What color line is best for saltwater fishing?


Light blue is great for saltwater fishing because the color is similar to saltwater color. When the water is not completely transparent, blue line is the best choice.

What is the best all around fishing rod and reel combo?

Best Spinning: Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Fishing Reel and Rod Combo. For casual spinning excursions, you can’t go wrong with the Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Fishing Reel and Rod Combo.

How do I choose a rod and reel combo?

How to Pick The Right Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

  1. Pick the Right Size Rod. A medium light power rod with a fast action is a good all-around choice. …
  2. Pick the Right Reel. …
  3. Don’t Be Afraid of Disney Rods.


How long will a freshwater reel last in saltwater?

Some freshwater reels will not last one trip in the salt, while others will last for years with the proper maintenance. Generally speaking, Shimano has an excellent reputation for surviving being used in saltwater when maintained properly.

Can you use a baitcaster for saltwater?

Saltwater anglers usually choose baitcasting or spinning reels. … This type of reel matches up well with a wide variety of durable and flexible baitcasting rods, and is well suited for all different types of saltwater fishing, whether surf fishing, pier fishing, or inshore and offshore fishing.

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Can you use saltwater spinning reels in freshwater?

Yes, you can use your saltwater rod and reel in freshwater, but you shouldn’t use your freshwater rod and reel in saltwater. You may be wondering why that is and what the difference even are between the two.

What happens if you use freshwater reel in saltwater?

Saltwater reels have stronger drag strength while freshwater ones do not, and the latter won’t be able to handle the force of saltwater fish. As a result, freshwater reels wouldn’t be able to withstand saltwater fishing situations.

What is the difference between freshwater and saltwater fishing?

What’s the main difference between saltwater and freshwater fishing? Saltwater fishing in Steinhatchee typically means fishing in the gulf from a boat or pier. … Whereas, freshwater is usually more laid back and relaxing for fisherman.

What’s the difference between a saltwater fishing rod and a freshwater fishing rod?

The obvious difference between a saltwater and a freshwater rod of the same weight is the fittings. … Saltwater rods work fine in fresh water, but not vice versa. In addition the range of saltwater rods tends to favour the heavy weighted lines whereas the freshwater range tends to lighter weights.

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