What line do you use for downrigger rods?

The best way to fish braid on a downrigger rod is to add a 30 ft. or so monofilament topshot, which you you can use to clip into your release.

Do you need special rods for downriggers?

Length. You’ll want to select a downrigger rod that is at least 8’6″ in length. Longer rods allow faster line pick-up when the clip releases, aiding hookset. Anywhere in the 8’6″ to 10’6″ seems to be a pretty popular sweet spot for downrigger trolling for salmon.

Can you use braided line on a downrigger?

Braided fishing lines make great downrigger lines because they are thin, and strong and CUT through the water. The next time you spool up your downrigger, forget the old wire line and switch to 200 Lb braided fishing line.

What kind of fishing line should I use for trolling?

Monofilament is the best line choice for trolling in most situations, but there are times when low stretch lines have the edge. Because low stretch lines are super thin, they enable trolling lures like crankbaits to pick up significantly more depth compared to monofilament lines of the same break strength.

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What is the difference between a trolling rod and a downrigger rod?

Although some have advantages over the other . Usually rigger rods are longer so you can “load” them while running & take up a little more slack on the release . Trolling rods tend to be a little shorter , & some a little geared towards lighter line . Shorter length can be an advantage in the wind also .

Are downriggers worth it?

The downrigger – such a simple device, yet, the most important in an angler’s trolling spread. Fish can get picky, often feeding at one particular depth and only that depth. … With that said, downriggers, without a doubt, are the top tool for getting any bait right into the bite.

Can you splice downrigger cable?

Splicing braid should be fine.

Should I use a leader with braided line?

Yes, it is always a good idea to put a mono or fluorocarbon line leader on your braided line when fishing. The benefits of using a leader line strongly outweigh not using it. Braided line is much stronger than your typical fishing line, so it definitely is not going to break, but it does have some weaknesses.

What size fish can you catch on 8lb line?

Catfish, bass, panfish, walleye can all be caught on 8lb line.

What is better fluorocarbon or monofilament?

With fluorocarbon, you’re getting low visibility, thin diameter, and good sensitivity. It has some stretch when you set the hook, but not as much as monofilament. It also tends to be abrasion resistant. … Fluorocarbon falls much faster than mono, so use that to your advantage!

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How many rods does a downrigger need?

They put you at the exact depth you require, and with downriggers, you can fish multiple rods and lures. Here’s a typical set up with two downriggers, two fishermen and two rods each: A typical thermocline for trout and kokanee is 20- to 60-feet.

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